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Helen asks…

Help to get rid of acne fast and easy?

Hi, I have extremely sensitive skin. And I mean REALLY sensitive. And I have acne on my shoulders and some on my face.
I’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to work, I mean sometimes it helps a little and other times it makes it way worse. So can someone please tell me how to get rid of acne (blackheads mostly on nose and tops of cheeks) and get rid of a really oily face thats natural and fast?

And don’t say something with lemon, I’ve tried that and it BURNS so much and it left my face red.

Thanks so much!

admin answers:

1. Stop scratching in the shower. And never pop acne.
2. Drink more water. Have a glass when you wake up, and throughout the day. Water will filter out out the skin.
3. Take cold Showers. This was a break through in curing my own acne. When you take hot showers the skins gets aggravated. Cold Showers are great for the skin. Just type in “Cold Shower Benefits” into google.
4. If you cannont bring yourself to take a cold shower. Then don’t take HOT showers and avoid staying in the shower over 10min. Hot showers are terrible for the skin. Don’t let it hit your face for long.
5. Eat more Greens. Eating right is very important when healing acne.
6. Drink Less Dairy. Dairy products carry hormones. These hormones aggravate acne. This was the second leading cause of my acne
7. Exercise if you are already not. Even a brisk walk will do. Circulate the blood flow
8. Get more sleep. The body repairs it self during sleep. Simple as that
9. You can continue using your acne cleanser if you really want to. But honestly, acne cleansers just strip away the natural oils on your face. I found that acne products just gave me more acne, cold water was my acne product.
10. Change your pillow case more often.
11. Sleep on your back. When you sleep on your face the skin cannot get air and may cause a breakout.

Jenny asks…

how can i get rid of acne fast?

does anyone know a good effictive way to get rid of acne? i have it but not much, i am 15, M, and its kinda embarrising): and tips help and please no SPAM websites to buy stuff. thanks and God Bless!

admin answers:

One word my friend…Roaccutane!

I have had bad acne for many many years and trust me it was a real pain for me…i hated it terribly!

I have been on MANY products such as proactiv(which when you finsih using it brings out the pimples worst), neatrogena,clearasil, ambi and many more!

None of them worked for me beause when i finished using the proactiv which was a waste of my momey the pimples came back out soooooo much worst than it was in the beginning!

I went to my dermatologist last month and he introduced me to Roaccutane. I decided to use it, and i am NOT dissapointed at all with the excellent results that I have.

I have been using it for a month so far and within the first 2 days i had seen results..the pimples were disappearing(thats what we all want right?)

I am still using it because I have to complete my year.

The best part of it is that it is a tablet that you take. Its not a soap or a toner or a 4-5 step procedure that gets on your nerve..just one little tablet.

Its easy and stress free and best of all…Brings results!

You willl not be dissapointed if you try this product.

This product is only available through perscription by a dermatologist.

Use it and see for yourself!


This treatment last for about 7 years after you finish your course with it or longer.

God bless you too!


Sandy asks…

What is the best product to get rid of Acne?

I want something to get rid of Acne even something natural you make yourself. I need it to work fast before school starts in about two weeks.

admin answers:

People make all kinds of suggestions about the best thing to do to cure acne. Some cures I’ve heard include putting oatmeal, honey, lemon juice, tea tree oil, cucumber, vinegar, or toothpaste on your face. Practically every cosmetics company and company that makes personal care products makes something that is a “sure cure” for acne. If we think about this, and use some common sense, we have to come to the conclusion that there is no quick or easy cure for acne, because if there was it would be well known and doctors would be telling everyone about it. Numerous companies make a lot of money persuading people to buy products that at worst will make the acne worse, and at best may help some people a little. Often fewer products are better. People often make their acne much worse by using too many products. There really is no quick fix for acne. Don’t spend a lot of money on products just because their ads say that they will cure acne. Your doctor is the best person to ask for help, and he or she may recommend some prescription medication or non-prescription treatment that may be suitable for you..

There are some very simple and basic things you can do that cost nothing. Keep your face or any other area affected by acne very clean. Any mild antibacterial soap will help with that. Rinse the area well to remove all soap residue. Drink plenty of water – it really does help to clear up acne. Eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep. A healthy life style will make a difference. Try to reduce the stress in your life – stress contributes to acne, so also probably the more you worry about the acne and focus on it, the worse it will be.

Probably the most useful and effective things you can do are to apply hot compresses to pustules and cysts and never to pick or squeeze pimples. Playing with or popping pimples, no matter how careful and clean you are, nearly always makes bumps stay redder and bumpier longer.

Here are a few informative links with additional ideas about preventing and treating acne.


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