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Steven asks…

How to get rid of reddish brown acne marks fast?

I’ve gotten rid of my acne but they’ve left me these ugly reddish brown spots on my cheeks and jawline. How can I get rid of them fast? The first day of school’s coming up in 3 days and I don’t know how to get rid of them by that time. I’ve been putting vitamin E oil on them for the past few days and I’ve only seen minor improvements. Is there a way to get rid of them faster? I really need your help.

admin answers:

Lemon juice is very effective in lightening the dark spots caused by acne or pimples.Ccleanse the scar with water. Dab one teaspoon of lemon juice into a cotton ball and smooth it over the acne marks. Leave for ten minutes, then rinse.
You can find other home remedies here:

John asks…

How to get rid of acne fast?

I don’t have a ton of acne. Just some on my for-head and around my nose and mouth. I can easily cover most of them with makeup but I want them gone! Any fast home methods or/and products to buy that really work (Not expensive). Also, anything I can eat/drink. Nothing is working, I even tried SkinID. Thank you!

admin answers:

At every end of your shower (or after it), rinse your face with soap and water once or twice a day. This helps take off the oil off of your face that cause acne in the first place, also slowly removing acne from those parts of your body. Try to not put chemicals on your skin that have those side-effects. Please know that having it is very common, as a normal part of puberty. I know that it doesn’t help knowing that when you see a big pimple in the mirror, but knowing how they form and how to get rid of them does. The tiny hairs on you that you can’t even see get stuck with this oil. The hairs have sebaceous glands that ironically helps the hair and skin. When you grow up at a faster rate, it produces too much of it and gets stuck with dead skin cells, you see white dots. It happens from the inside out, so scrubbing it won’t work. Some over the counter drugs can help deal with it, too. Don’t pop them, or you’ll get scars that won’t disappear and the oil spreads to cause more zits. If it gets really bad, you should see a doctor for it. Hope this helps!

James asks…

What is the fastest (home material or bought) way to get rid of acne?

Recently I have had an abundance of acne (face, back, etc..) and I have had a hard time trying to make it go away. I don’t cover anything with makeup, and I wash my face 1-2 times day. Still, as a teenage girl I cannot seem to get rid of it! Any home/store overnight remedies?

admin answers:

Alrighty – first of all, don’t listen to the toothpaste or salicylic acid myths. What you really need is an acne medication with 5 to 10 % BENZOYL PERIOXIDE. This has a drying chemical – so don’t use too too much or it will dry out your skin.

Rinse you face of make up before applying, and just put it on the areas that you need. Do NOT use twice a day, unless your skin is really really really oily.

Remember – benzoyl perioxide. You’ll probably get results in 2 – 3 days if you do this once a day, before bed. They usually have acne medication with benzoyl perioxide at RiteAid. That’s where I get mine!

I hope that I helped – acne can be a real drag.

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