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Betty asks…

How to get rid of acne the fastest and cheapest way? preferably home remedies?

I’m 16 and i have rarely ever had acne. i was really lucky, and i used proActive every night. But this past month, i have has a lot of little blemishes all over my face, like under the skin so they are hard to treat.
My friends just say it’s stress related, and that’s why they started showing up now.
What’s the fastest and cheapest way to clear acne under the skin? Preferably a home remedy because i’m not allowed to buy any beauty products.

admin answers:

The very word “acne” conjures in many people’s minds either past or present struggles with self image, embarrassment and feelings of helplessness if they’ve ever suffered this skin condition, or are currently suffering varying degrees of acne.

Our skin’s appearance is very important to us personally of course, but it seems to have been only made more important by the emphasis of “flawless skin” in beauty magazines, tabloids and other media outlets that our society has become so enthralled with. It’s no wonder that the skincare industry has enjoyed growth and profits in leaps and bounds over the past fifteen to twenty years.

So, what can you do, besides enlist the help of an expensive dermatologist or skin care spa to help combat acne and prevent new breakouts on your own, for next to nothing – or better yet, free? Well, we will focus on things you can change in your diet to get rid of or dramatically reduce acne breakouts, since what we put in our mouths is more key for the skin’s appearance and health than most people may think.

There are many schools of thought on what to avoid and what to include in the diet if you are to attain and maintain clear skin. However, one thing remains pretty clear, and that is the avoidance of sugary foods and caffeine. I cannot tell you how many times I have experienced major breakouts that I can directly attribute to the consumption of sugar or caffeine in excess.

Sure, it’s ok to have a sweet snack (a small one!) here and there, and not suffer the consequences of a few new pimples, but by and large it is prudent to either strictly limit sugar or try to eradicate it all together if you have problem skin.

Sugar has many destructive properties that are bad for overall health, but it’s recently also been proven to have properties that accelerate the aging process of the skin when chemically broken down by our bodies, and also to lend a hand in the inflammation of skin cells.

Inflammation is a direct cause of acne, since it is, by definition an inflammatory skin condition, so we can safely say that sugar is indeed a category of food to be avoided in the quest to be acne free, oh and also to keep your skin young too!

OK, enough about sugar, now let’s move onto to another culprit behind acne. Caffeine can have similar effects on the skin to sugar, since it actually may increase inflammation, especially in some people who are more caffeine-sensitive than others (like myself).

With all the super caffeinated beverages out on the market today, it’s no wonder we’re all not walking around with broken out faces. I suspect that teens especially are susceptible to the caffeinated drink rage, which is unfortunate because they may be unknowingly aggravating their skin and causing breakouts at the age where they are more apt to break out anyway.

Caffeine can also produce an uneven and “bumpy” texture of the skin. Beverages aren’t the only culprit either, since there are many supplements, pills and diet aids that contain stimulants that will break your skin out faster than you can say “energy”. Caffeinated drinks and other products containing stimulants should be avoided if you want to avoid rough, broken out skin.

If you want to try to neutralize inflammation caused by eating foods that increase skin volatility as mentioned above, a good suggestion is to start drinking lemon water.

Not only is drinking lemon juice infused water a refreshing difference from plain old water, but water with about an eighth of a lemon (preferably organic) squeezed into it can help neutralize acidity in the body caused by acid-producing foods, which in turn limits inflammation.

Seriously, begin to drink lemon juice infused water for a few days and I’d be surprised if you don’t see at least a little difference in the way your skin looks.

If you want to get really adventurous, add a sprinkle or two of cinnamon, again preferably organic, to your water, and you may also enjoy a bit of a revved up metabolism as well as a more stabilized blood sugar level, as research is showing cinnamon has excellent benefits for blood sugar stabilization. Why do I mention blood sugar? Well, because a stable blood sugar level helps to lower inflammation, and it also helps reduce the effects of stress and anxiety which can trigger higher levels of androgens in the body, which are the very hormones that cause acne.

And there you have it, free or very cheap, easily incorporated, and dare I say “pleasant” ways to combat acne. Not only do these suggestions help reduce breakouts, they are also generally beneficial to your health in other numerous ways. Who says everyone needs a dermatologist or expensive skin care regimens to achieve pristine skin?

Ruth asks…

Effective ways to get rid of body acne fast?

I am looking to get rid of my body as soon as possible and for good! Does anyone have any home remedies I can mix up and use? Products that are proven to remove body acne effectively? Soap? Anything?

I’d typically Google things but I end up finding something bad about a certain product or herb or what not.

No rude comments please.

Oh! And, something more effective for acne around the face?

admin answers:

Nutrogena body acne treatment! Works wonders! Good diet, less stress..typical stuff! I heard lemon juice works and toothpaste on acne. Inexpensive and effective

George asks…

what products get rid of blemises and old pimple spots the best?

what product gets rid of blemishes and old acne marks the fastest?
dont say lemon or any home remedies ive tried them all
along with clearasil ultra and clean and clear and that netro shiit

admin answers:

Maybe you should try easing up on the cleansers.

Like any other body system, your skin oils will become heavier and thicker the more it gets used, or in this case, need to be replaced.

Sometimes cleaning too much (overcleaning) can cause your skin to produce more oil, as your body can’t figure out why it’s all being stripped away.

Also, lay off the sodas and colas. I pretty much stopped a while back, and it’s done wonders for me.

Try drinking some more water, too. It will take some of that pore-clogging crap out of your system when you pee (which should be clear).

Oh, and go easy on the deep-fried and breaded foods, too.

It takes a concerted effort and a few weeks, but if you actually do all these instead of just saying you will, you can actually get much clearer skin.

No over-priced crap needed!

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