Get Rid Of Acne Fast At Home

Betty asks…

How to get rid of this before school?

Over Christmas break my face started breaking out super bad and I start school back on Monday. What home remedies work to get rid of acne/zits/pimples/blackheads fast?

admin answers:

If you put ice on the blemish then that will freeze the bacteria and help the white blood cells eat up the bacteria
Then if you get some solted water and get a cotton ball and dab that on the area
Then at night apply the white paste toothpaste
For the black heads if you get a egg and crack it and only use the the white of the egg and mix it till it is fomy and apply all over face and stick tissue on the top when the egg drys because you have the tissue on your face you can just peel off the tissue and wash your face
( I have use all of this on my face and it worked like a dream )
I got the idear off YouTube so it you don’t believe me on any of this you can go on YouTube or search it up on the Internet
And I was told not 100% on it tho but I was told that if you wash your face with mild it will get ridw of the redness I have never tryed it tho so I can’t say if it will work
and some people say lemon juice if you dab a pit on the acne will help but again I am not sure on that
Hope this helps

Maria asks…

How can I get rid of acne fast? Home remedies or products?

Okay, I have acne on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, and want to kill it. I will buy products as long as they’re in-store products, and are 15$ or less. 20$ is my limit, though, if I must.

Or some home remedies?

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admin answers:

Well, I read somewhere that a dab of toothpaste on particularly bad bumps of acne hinders them from getting any worse. But that might be just for the occasional pop up. I think I read it here:

I, however, use something my doctor prescribed me. It’s the generic version of something called benzamycin gel. Unfortunately, you do need the doctor’s subscription; I don’t worry about it because my health insurance covers most of the cost. But it’s certainly gotten rid of all my acne and as long as I keep using it every night, then I keep it off. Although you also need to be sure to be washing your face every morning and every night with soap and water and a washcloth to clear off any make up (if you’re a girl) and open your pores so they can breathe and not clog up to form the acne.

Sharon asks…

How do i get rid of Acne above lip fast?

I brake out above my lip and it is not herpes or any type of cold sore.

How can i get rid of this fast using home appliances.

admin answers:

Apply toothpaste or shaving gel before you sleep, and wash it off in the morning.

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