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Michael asks…

How to get rid of back acne?

So I have been struggling with back acne for a few months now and I’ve trying numerous products that’s supposed to treat back acne and nothing has worked! I am planning on trying proactiv soon, but I have a retreat coming up and there is going to be a lot of swimming. Which means wearing a swim suit, which means the acne need to go! And fast! What are some home remedies for acne?

admin answers:

Nutorgena body wash is good and get a some moisturizer and drink plenty of water

Chris asks…

Are there any home remedies that get rid of acne?

There are little acne bumps on my lower forehead and one small one between my eyebrows.
I’ve tried so many facial scrubs, washes, lotions, masks that suppository “treat” acne. Is there any good home remedies that clears acne? Or should I just drink a lot of water and lay off the sugar? I’ve read that plain oatmeal mixed with honey treats acne, but i’m not sure what type of oatmeal to use. Please help, thanks :)

admin answers:

Use a mild soap for sensitive skin but it doesn’t matter exactly what type of soap you use. It can be designed for acne-prone skin or not, but you will want to treat your skin gently. Harsh antibacterial soap may actually make your acne worse by irritating skin.

Remove dead skin cells regularly by exfoliating. Use a gentle scrub with natural defoliants like ground walnut shells, or use an over-the-counter chemical defoliant like salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Adding ground walnut shell to a thick moisturizer like cocoa butter can be effective too. Take caution, because over-exfoliating can actually increase the likelihood of acne by irritating the skin. Pat dry, rather than rubbing, since rubbing can cause irritation to the fresh skin you’ve just revealed.

Use a good toner. Spray onto face or wipe on with a cotton ball and wipe off with a clean, dry cotton ball. This gets rid of excess cleanser and tightens pores. Good, inexpensive choices include plain witch hazel for normal to dry skin, lemon juice, or 3% hydrogen peroxide for oily skin. 70% ethyl rubbing alcohol can also be used for severe oiliness, but it can really dry out your skin and irritate it more. Some toners are medicated, and this stage is the best for using a medicated product if you’re only going to use one medication.

Bacteria in pores is one cause of spots. Reduce the amount of bacteria by using toners containing anti-bacterial agents like alcohol, peroxide and benzalkonium chloride, and by using creams that contain benzoyl peroxide (ask your doctor about benzaclin, with moisturizer if you have dry skin, as it works better than just plain benzoyl because benzoyl takes up to 8 weeks before improvement is seen) which kill bacteria as well as cause the skin to regenerate faster.


Paul asks…

How to get rid of pimples quick?

ok so there is a party at my house in two days and i have two huge pimples on my face, and i dont know how to get rid of them fast. any home remedies to get rid of the pimple marks or the pimple itself?

admin answers:

All of these answers are really good, but I’m gonna have to go with the first answer on the this one.
To reduce the size in one night.. Boiling hot water on a rag usually does it for me.
I just run really hot water onto a rag and press it against my pimple. I do this for about 3 minutes. I’d do 5 minutes TOPS. This kills any bacteria that would be underneath the skin, and in the pimple.
And yes, it’ll leave your face pretty red but that goes way within 5 minutes so don’t worry about that.

Before hand though, you wanna wash your face. Take two cutips and squeeze your pimple together, THEN use the hot water on it. After that.. You can put acne medication on it, and a moisturizer then you’re good to go girl!

Good luck with your pimple! (I have a big one now and I’m about to do the exact same thing tonight)

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