Get Rid Of Acne Fast Home Remedy

Donna asks…

What home remedies get rid of pimples fast !?!?! EASY 10 POINTS !!?

Please help me get rid of my acne fast !
Does toothpaste work or is it bad for you?
How do you get rid of regular pimples and the really small pimples ?
The fastest possible home remedies please!

admin answers:

Crush up some 100% asprin pills add just add enuf water to make a past and put it on the pimples

Mark asks…

Can I use acne scar medicine along with my regular acne treatment?

I use Acne Free on a daily basis for a face wash treatment. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t get rid of my acne scars, though. I looked up some easy home remedies to get rid of acne scars (the one I’d like to try is a baking soda + water mixture). Can I use both Acne Free and the baking soda mixture on a daily basis? Or will that be too much for my skin to handle?

admin answers:

Yes is good to heal pimples fast

David asks…

what products get rid of acne fast?& for what type of acne does it work best on?

What type of acne do you have? What product helped you get rid of it the fastest? Please i don’t want any of your home remedies so don’t waste your time typing about lemon juice and all that crap.

admin answers:

I used to have acne and tried SO many different scrubs from CVS, etc but nothing totally cleared up my skin. For some reason, i avoided the dermatologist for a really long time but after i finally went it was totally worth it. The first medicine didn’t really work but the second one worked REALLY well. Now my face is almost totally flawless and i don’t even have to wear makeup! And the dermatologist cost was covered by my insurance. So try going to the dermatologist, they know what’s best, and it might be covered by your insurance policy!

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