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Thomas asks…

what really works to get rid of acne fast ?

school is next monday and i want no acne AT ALL ! so do you know how to get rid of acne also my orientation is wendsday and i dont want acne when i see everyone again !

admin answers:

Use a face wash with benzoly peroxide (at least 5% and no more than 10%). Apply it to your face about 3-5 minutes after getting in a steamy shower. The steam will open your pores allowing the face wash to penetrate and more effectively do its job. Also, make sure you are chugging the water and green tea, girl! And lay off the caffine because your body processes caffine the same way it processes stress which makes you break out. If you have red spots, ice them to reduce redness and inflamation, then follow with a cortizone lotion (this has a steriod that calms and soothes redness) good luck and i hope this helps!

If you have the time & money, i reccomend a glycolic peel. They’re absolutley perfect :)

Linda asks…

What are some good fruits/vegetables/vitamins to get rid of acne?

What are some good ways to get rid of acne?

What are some good fruits/vegetables/vitamins?

What are some good other methods?


admin answers:

~ Eat vegetables and fruits, and go light when it comes to snacks, junk-food, and high oil foods. I am glad to say, though, studies have shown that chocolate does not cause acne, so you can indulge in it once in a while!

~ Drink, drink, drink! Water is so important, and many people ignore the fact that it helps skin glow!

~ Got Milk? Milk is terrific for your skin, plus it builds strong bones! Drink at least 3 glasses a day!

~ Toothpaste applyed to pimples heals them!

~ Tea tree oil is great when applyed to skin. It helps heal acne. So is vitamin E oil and olive oil! It moisturizes and soothes skin.

~ Lime and lemon juice is known for getting rid of acne!

~ Honey nourishes and cleanses skin, so use it as a face mask and apply to skin. Wait 20 minutes, and wash off. Do it twice a week for best results.

~ Always use a moisturizer, no matter waht!

~ Mix sugar with a favorite cleanser and use it as a scrub! Rub it all over your face, wait a few minutes, and wash off!

~ Day and night, make sure you cleanse skin with a cleanser, exfoliate with a scrub, tone with a facial toner, and moisturize with a face cream daily. Really helps kepp up good skin!

~ Salt water is great for skin! Add a few pinches of salt into lukewarm water, dunk a cottonball into it, and apply directly on any pimples and blemishes.

~ Soaking a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and rubbing it all over your face makes a great toner.

- Wrap a ice cube in a paper towel, and hold it over pimples. It helps stop swelling and heals it a bit faster.

~ Putting your face over boiled water lets the steam untrap and unclog dirt filled pores. Do it twice a week!

~ Yogurt really soothes skin. Apply it over face and wait 20 minutes and rinse.

~ Apply an egg white on skin to get super smooth skin after you rinse it off 10 minutes later.

~ Oatmeal is a great soothing scrub! Mash it a little and then mix it with a little honey and apply to skin, rinse off after 20 minutes.

~ Mash a banana, add honey, apply to skin. Great for adding moisture to dry skin.

Slice an apple. Grab one slice and rub all over face. Great for lightening skin.

~ Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on one side of a tomato slice. Rub it over skin. Rinse off and pat dry. This is a great soothing/cleansing/ exfoliating scrub.

~ Grapes are a great cleanser! Mash them and apply to face, then rinse off 10 minutes later!

~ Milk cleanses and brightens skin like never before. Wash your skin with it and also drink it!

~ Taking fish oil is good for skin!

Betty asks…

Embarrassing. How can i get rid of chest acne, fast!? ?

yeah, im 13 and i have moderate-noticeable chest acne.

i have callbacks sunday, and have to wear a v-neck costume..and its very very embarrasing.

i have netrogena body clear scrub, and diferin.
and various other products.

any help, advice, tips?

admin answers:

Here are some home made tips…

1.sandalwood powder mix with water or rose water and make a paste.then put this paste on those will helps your pimples to dry up fast.

2.u can put tooth paste on those acne too…

3.take some ice cubes and rub on those acne…

4.and before going outside,put foundation (i usually use L’OREAL) and then put some face powder over them.

Hope i helped u.. :-)

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