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Daniel asks…

How to get rid of acne fast ?

I need some quick easy ways to get rid of acne or atleast reduce the size and redness for a day or 2

admin answers:

Spots/pimples are defined as raised red bumps. I’ve treated hundreds of patients who are worried about colour, size and duration of pimples (sorry, not to boast), and I can tell you now that acne will not go away in a day or two. There is NO QUICK FIX. It won’t just go away by itself. Acne is caused by a rise in androgen hormones (primarily testosterone) and this obviously occurs in adolescents going through puberty. These androgen hormones tell your sebaceous glands how much oil to produce, and too many hormones give too many signals for more and more oil. Thus, your oil glands grow bigger in order to accommodate for the ‘more oil’ command. Obviously, excess oil then mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria to clog up your pores.
So my advice is topical antibiotic such as duac WITH retinoids containing adapalene AND of course, an antibiotic, doxy or minocycline. That’s if you want to kill it as quickly as possible (6-12 weeks unfortunately). Antibiotics are obviously for more severe acne so it’s really up to you whether you think your acne is severe or not.
For maintaining the occasional single breakouts, here is what i propose.
Pimples are any indication of inflammatory acne. Inflammation is the result of blood vessels and white corpuscles rushing to the site of the pimple to help attack the bacteria we call P.acnes for short.
Now swelling, is a direct result of inflammation. What a lot of people don’t actually know, is that the swelling of a pimple can actually spread acne.
This is because when the skin swells, the pores around the pimple tighten and close up, blocking the sebum’s discharge route.

BP 5% or 10% (benzoyl peroxide) usually is fine for ‘speeding up’ the process of eradicating P.acnes but the trick is to apply ice over the area first IN PREPARATION for the BP. This preparatory technique increases the penetration of BP as well as reducing swelling and inflammation.

Let me explain.
I’m sure you know that inflammation and swelling from sports injuries are dealt with ice.
The principle is the same here.
By applying ice on for 1 minute before applying BP, then another ten minutes with the BP on,
you slow the rate that blood vessels/white corpuscles rush to the site of the pimple.
Thus, the redness, inflammation and swelling is reduced.
Now, patients often say to me, ‘”But doesn’t that mean less WBC (white blood cells) are rushing to the site to kill the P.acnes bacteria?”
That question is absolutely right. Yes, less WBC are rushing to the site.

HOWEVER, this is only temporary for as long as the ice is applied. The upside of this is that a new rush of WBC and red blood cells rush in AFTERWARDS to rewarm the area. They do so gradually so that there is no sudden new inflammation.

Here is the explanation more simply:
Swelling of the pimple closes surrounding pores and spreads the condition.
Ice reduces inflammation and swelling.
Therefore, ice open pores around and on the pimple.
BP can penetrate deeper through open pores.

Secondly, miracle healings don’t happen overnight.I always believe benzoyl peroxide is never enough because most doctors give BP as a spot treatment just for the pimple. The thing is that more pimples come up around the place and in places never seen before because those areas are not treated.
I usually recommend my patients with retinoids containing adapalene, but it’s up to you really.
Last point. All the bullshit you hear about tea tree oil, lemon juice, toothpaste, vitamin e oil, etc. Helping you? USELESS. As a dermatologist, I’ve worked for over 10 years and the evidence for these ‘home remedies’ is absolutely crap. Please don’t waste your time with these. To get to the problem of acne, you can’t just spot-treat pimples with these things, acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands from excessive androgen hormones, dead skin cells and clogged pores. It’s a complex process and there is no quick fix. Sorry, but the truth is sometimes ugly to hear. I always want to tell my patients the ugly truth. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

EXERCISE and DIET – I always say that healthy skin comes from having a healthy body
With regards to exercise, I always tell my patients that 30 mins a day for 4-5 days a week is enough. Exercise produces sweat which is anti-bacterial and cleans out toxins. But just in general, exercise (and a good diet) do SO MUCH MORE beyond superficial acne and pimples. If you don’t do exercise for your acne, do it for your body and your life.
In general, top diet tips I always tell my patients is to take in lots of omega-3, esp. From fish and linseeds. If I put it simply, omega-3 = good prostaglandins = strong liver = liver is able to detoxify any excess androgen hormones quickly = less/no acne. Sorry if I didn’t cover everything you wanted.

Sharon asks…

Whats the easiest and fastest and cheapest way to get rid of/reduce acne?

Even when i eat less sugar i get more acne! But when i eat a little sugar it isnt so bad, whats up with that?

admin answers:

How to Get Rid of Acne: ………………Thanks to Mama Bear for the following.

Lemon Juice
Rub fresh lemon juice on your pimples with a gentle hand. The bleaching properties of lemon juice lighten the skin and thus reduce its appearance. Moreover, it removes the topmost layer of the skin surface where bacteria grows and controls the infection. Thus the healthy underlying skin is revealed. If you hesitate to use concentrated lemon juice on the pimple as you fear it may cause skin irritation, then you can dilute it with rose water.

Application of Ice
This is an easy way to get rid of pimples overnight. You have to pack up some crushed ice in an aluminum foil in order to prevent them from getting melted quickly. Then put it inside a plastic bag and wrap up the pack with a thin towel. Now apply it over the pimples for 10 to 15 minutes. This will shrink the pores forcing the oil and dirt out of it. When the two main culprits are out, you can expect the pimple to clear up in no time.

You can get rid of pimples overnight using toothpaste. Many people find it highly beneficial for this purpose. Take some toothpaste on the tip of your finger and apply it on the pimple in such a way that the entire pimple is covered up with the toothpaste properly. Leave it on the pimple overnight. Next morning when you wash it off with warm water, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result. The trick is that the toothpaste absorb all the oil from the pimple and reduce its size so much that it becomes invisible. However, a toothpaste with gel content is not suitable for this treatment.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is considered as one of the best home remedies for getting rid of pimples overnight. Prepare a thick paste using one cup of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of salt and some water. Rub this paste gently over the affected areas of your face making small circular motions. Leave it on the acne for few minutes and then wash your face with cool water. The exfoliant property of the salt removes the dead skin cells from the pores. The baking soda soften up the skin and restore the normal pH balance of the skin. As a result, the pimple clears up fast.

Egg Mask
A simple egg mask can help you in getting rid of pimples from your face. Take one or two eggs as per your requirement. Break them and separate the white portion of the eggs from the yolk. It is the egg white that you need to apply as facial mask on your face. Keep it on the face overnight and then wash off with cold water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is known for its healing and disinfecting properties. To apply it, start with washing the face thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a towel and then taking a cotton ball apply apple cider vinegar evenly on the affected skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes before washing it off with cold water.

Steam and Clean
In the very initial stages of acne when it is still a small zit or just in the form of whitehead and blackhead you can try doing this. Clean your face with cleansing milk using cotton pads. Now scrub it with a gentle face scrub. Take steam on your face for about 8-10 minutes. Now take a sterilized blackhead remover and clean the blackheads and whiteheads. You can also try squeezing pimples if they are very small. Use a clean cotton pad to clean the pus or blood that flows out. Now finish by cleaning the area with an antiseptic lotion or a toner. This procedure will help keep your skin clean and avoid further acne breakouts. Following this everyday before going to bed is one of the easiest ways to get rid of acne fast at home.

Acne Prevention Tips
•Do not touch the skin areas which are affected by acne with your fingers, as it can spread the infection to other skin areas as well.
•Maintain hygiene i.e., use clean bed sheets, pillow cases and towels. Dirty towels can be the breeding ground of germs and bacteria, thereby causing severe cases of acne breakouts.
•Dandruff and oil in hair can cause acne too, so to prevent that, avoid doing such hair styles which make your hair touch or fall on your face.
•Exercise everyday as it helps in proper blood circulation, and adequate transfer of oxygen to all the body cells. Exercising will help in both reducing stress and preventing acne.
•Take shower after undertaking any kind of exercise or physical activity to prevent dirt and sweat from getting accumulated in the skin pores.
•Drink lots of fluids and water as it will help in elimination of wastes and toxins from the body, resulting in a blemish free, glowing skin.

Take care! Mama Bear

Ruth asks…

How to get rid of really bad acne on sensitive skin?

I have really bad acne on my forehead, and I have REALLY sensitive oily skin. Any product recommendations?

admin answers:

Just the same skin type nd problem i used to hve….ok i will give u some home remedies that actually worked for me within 15 days or less…..dnt use products coz it will irritate ur skin later nd never use the ones that works very fast (they r the worst)….just use a neutrogena face wash for acne or with salicylic acid.

Try to do these things evryday, make sure ur doing it properly coz they r the main things to avoid acne (trust me)-

1. Water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, trust me its very important nd its not optional at all…ur body needs a lot of water to get rid of toxins.

2. Sleep. Get at least 8 hrs of sleep. While ur sleeping ur body heals ur self so try to get at leats 8 hrs of sleep each night.

3. Hygiene. Very important!!! Try to shower evry day to keep ur self clean nd if not then chnge evryday coz the dead cells stick to ur clothes.

4. Moisturize. Moisturizing is very important. It hydrates ur skin. Try to use a gel type moisturizer coz its the best for oily skin.

5. Cleanse nd exfoliate. U need to do them because u need to get rid of dead cells. They can cause acne breakouts so alway try to cleanse ur face twice with a gentle acne face wash nd exfoliate ur skin with a facial sponge or with an exfoliating scrub.

Home remedies (stick to them daily, dnt skip one day)-

honey- it is a great moisturizer. It also helps to kill the bacterias. Try using menuka honey. Its fast nd really effective. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey nd 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply nd keep it for 1 hr.

Oatmeal- cook 1 tablespoon of oatmeal (u can cook more if u want but to use for 7 days but i like to use fresh ones) nd mix it with 1 teaspoon of honey again nd 1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt. Apply nd keep for 45 mins or until it dries.

Sandalwood (optional)- u can find it in indian shops. Mix sandalwood nd rosewater nd make a paste. Apply nd keep until it dries…its amazing for acne so try to use this.

Egg- at night time try to use n eggwhite mask. Its very effective. Mix lemon juice nd eggwhite nd apply then keep overnight.

Olive oil- massage ur face with extra virgin olive oil twice a day. It won’t clog ur pores at all nd its very very very good for the skin. I love this remedy.

Ice- it helps to close the pores on ur skin. Try to rub ur face with ice before applying eggwhite.

Steam- u can do it once a week but i do it evryday for my acne nd because the dostor told me to do it for my cold problem. Anyway, steaming helps to open pores nd the sweat that comes out helps to get rid of toxins. Steam ur face while in shower nd wash it with face wash.

Those were the things i always do caz im always free. I dnt knw whether u’ll hve time to do those things but try at leats to honey, oatmeal, eggwhite nd ice thing.

Some other home remedies that u can do if u hve extra time r-

tomatoes- rub tomatoes on ur face.

Aloe vera- juice or gel. Both r effective. It helps to heal the skin.

Cucumber- rub cucumber on ur face.

Papaya- rub papaya on ur face.

Egg yolk- its a natural moisturizer. Apply nd keep until it dries.

Aspirin mask- it might irritate ur skin. But it works for me. I think u should try it once nd in a small area to see if it works. Do it once a week. No more than that coz u hve sensitive skin!!

Essential oils- very effective ones r rosehip seed oil, lavender oil nd tea tree oil.

Those were the things i always do oh nd yeah i almost forgot-

chnge ur pillow cases evry two days.

Clean ur phne evry day.

Dnt touch ur face with dirty hands.

Keep ur hair away frm ur face.

If ur a girl then minimize the use of make ups nd if u do use them then use oil free make ups.

Hope this helped. I told u these things because i knw hw it feels to suffer frm acne. This helped me get rid of acne in about two weeks. Trust me products do nth but makes u breakout more. I would like to get the best answer :)

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