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Daniel asks…

How can i get rid of acne fast? What solutions actually work?

Homecoming is coming up. My acne isn’t severe, just really annoying.

admin answers:

This is what I do:
- wash your face twice daily (not including the times you have to remove your makeup)
- to wash, cleanse with very warm water (if your skin is extra oily or you have a lot of makeup to wash off, cleanse twice)
- then, take a face towel and run it under the hottest water point on your tap for a little while, then quickly and carefully squeeze it out
- put the hot towel on your entire face, patting it over the pores you want to open until it isn’t hot anymore
- then, rinse the towel again, this time under the coldest temperature you have, and then squeeze it out and put it on your face patting it until it isn’t cold anymore
- after that, apply toner with a cotton ball/pad
- then apply a moisturizing face protectant (the one I use it La Roche-Posay Soothing Protective Skincare)
- finally, spritz on some light toner all over the face, let air dry (I use LUSH’s Tea Tree Water)

and that’s it! Your skin should feel fresh and tight, letting the acne be pushed out by the tight pores. Do NOT pop them.

If there are any dry spots on your face, I would use nutrimetics NUTRI-MOIST MOISTURIZING CREME. It’s very rich and you should only use it as a spot treatment for dry patches of skin.

Do this routine twice daily, as I mentioned before, and as a toner to use once in a while that will destroy the acne slowly, squeeze the juice out of an orange and strain it, then keep it in the fridge and tone your skin with it every once in a while (once every two weeks maybe?). It will make your skin sticky, so apply it, let it sit, then rinse with ice cold water. Try not to contaminate it by putting your fingers in it, or it won’t help your skin at all, and orange juice bought at the store doesn’t work by the way (: Put it in a small spritz bottle (not one that was used for chemicals, one that was a recent toner bottle, or buy a brand new one).

I hope I helped!

Michael asks…

How do I get rid of back acne fast?

I hate this back acne. I’ve been using neutrogena’s body wash (the orange-y one) but i don’t see progress. Its summer and now im wearing tank tops and its embarrassing cause people keep reminding me about my pimples. Products/remedies please?

admin answers:

I also struggled with back acne. It’s very embarrassing. And, I’m always trying to find things that will cover most of it up…so sometimes I can’t wear something that I otherwise would have. Anyway, here’s what has helped me:

First, make sure you cleanse at least once a day. Don’t overdo it here (sometimes people shower more often thinking they’ll get rid of the acne by washing it away – you can actually make things worse if you strip away too much of your natural oils because your skin will respond with making more oil – causing more acne.) If, however, you sweat a lot, you may want to wash your skin again (even it it’s just with a wash cloth) – for instance, after playing sports or in the hot summer months, etc. Wash with a cleanser that YOUR skin responds to. But, do not choose a cleanser that has alcohol in it (as this also causes your skin to dry out and cause more acne). Also, don’t choose a cleanser that has any fragrance in it either.

Personally, I don’t care for the body washes as they never worked for me either. If you like the Neutrogena products, maybe try the glycerin soap bar instead. It’s inexpensive (compared to other acne products) and it’s gentle – plus doesn’t have harsh ingredients. I used to use this (I now make my own) and I liked it because it didn’t have the harsh ingredients. Give it a try…I think you’ll like it.

Second, I also use this method:
a water / vinegar solution 1:1 ratio Apple cider vinegar is best but I’ve also used regular vinegar. I use a 1:1 ratio but you can use less vinegar if you’d like (you may want to start off with 90% water, 10% vinegar to see how your skin reacts – work your way up, if needed). Put it in a spray bottle and spray the problem areas at night before you go to bed then shower in the morning. If you normally shower at night, go ahead and still spray it. The “vinegary” smell should dissipate but you may still want to wash off with a wash cloth in the morning. This can be very helpful for your back.

I would also exfoliate on a regular basis. Exfoliating your skin will help remove dead skin cells that get trapped because of too much sebum (oil) on your skin – causing pores to get clogged…thus forming acne. With oily skin, you should exfoliate 3-5 per week. If you have dry or sensitive skin, only once per week; Normal skin would be everyday. Don’t overdo it. You’ll make it worse – it’s not necessary to scrub hard, be gentle.

Also…regarding benzoyl peroxide: In order to get good results (for most people) is to use it on a consistent basis. Usually a 2.5% concentration works for most people if you use it daily. However, for back acne, this is hard to do because it will bleach clothes, sheets and hair. I think it works quite well for acne but I don’t use it for my back. Instead, I use the water / vinegar solution I mentioned above.

Lastly, regarding food / water. First, drinking a lot of water will help to flush toxins out of your body. Also, pay attention to your body – do you notice more breakouts after you eat certain foods? You may or may not but I happen to notice more problems when I eat too much dairy – I love ice cream, milk, cheese, etc. So, when I would break out more often after eating these foods, I decided to be a little more careful how often I ate dairy. Everyone is different so for about a week, just pay attention to what you are eating and how your skin may / may not react. Kind of a pain but you may notice something that may help you in the long run.

Be as consistent as possible with your skin care regimen and you should be able to keep your back acne at bay. This is what works for me. I hope this helps you!! Good luck to you!

Donald asks…

How Do I Get Rid Of Past Acne Redness Fast?

I had acne for a while, but i got some cream and most of it is gone. The only problem is the past redness. I touch the skin and i feel nothing, but its just the redness. I would like some tips or anything that helps. I was also wondering what foods are healthy to prevent acne.


admin answers:

You should meet a skin doctor very quickly.
Beside this you should wash your face every day very carefully. You can use rub ice, cucumber,papaya on your face. They will work. And try to eat fruits which contain vitamin A.

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