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Linda asks…

how to get rid of acne scarring fast?

Prom is in just over 2 weeks and i have allot of acne scarring on my back and face. I dont wanna spend allot of money on things like laser treatment or whatever. I heard vitamin e works and so does honey. Can any one confirm these work or have any suggestions on what else i could do?

admin answers:

How to Cure Acne – Tips to Cure Acne Naturally
Acne skin condition usually occurs to those who are in their adolescence. It is characterized by the presence of pimples (or zits), blackheads and whiteheads. The affected areas of acne’s sufferer are mainly the face, neck, chest, back, and/or upper arms. Acne seldom affects other areas of the body.
There are a few tips to cure acne naturally. Acne can occur due to a number of factors such as heredity or hormonal changes related to pregnancy. By treating acne with natural remedies a person with acne skin condition can avoid the side effects that might occur as a result of consuming birth control pills.
The following are some tips to cure acne naturally, which have no side effects and are mostly safe:
Consume plenty of water daily – your skin as well as your body will benefit from this. In addition, drink plenty of water before bed time as your body becomes dehydrated during sleep.
Drinking fruit juices is always good to help you cure acne. Green tea which contains antioxidants is also recommended to fight the bacteria that cause acne.
Consume green leafy vegetables regularly to cure acne.
Vitamin E is great to protect your skin from acne.
Although it may be difficult but keep your mind from stress as best as you can to help you get rid of acne.
Apply rose water, honey and tomato pulp onto your face and leave it for 20-25 minutes before rinsing your face.
Exercise regularly (yoga is recommended) to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good skin.
Reduce the usage of make up. If you do wear make up regularly then try using natural products.
Keep your hair from touching your face as best as you can and avoid from touching or pricking your pimples.
Change your pillow cover often so your face skin is not affected by dust or other bacteria from the pillow cover.
Those are some of the tips to cure acne naturally. Natural remedies can be effective and helpful in curing acne. It is generally less costly and simpler than going for commercial remedies. Try these tips to cure acne naturally.

And look this video for more information

Good luck!!

Lisa asks…

How to get rid of acne and dry skin naturally?

I’ve had acne for four years now and it won’t go away. Don’t tell me to go to my doctor because I have and what he gave me didn’t work. I also want to know how to get rid of dry skin because nothings working! Help!

admin answers:

Bacteria in pores is one cause of spots. Reduce the amount of bacteria by using toners containing anti-bacterial agents like alcohol, peroxide and benzalkonium chloride, and by using creams that contain benzoyl peroxide (ask your doctor about benzaclin, with moisturizer if you have dry skin, as it works better than just plain benzoyl because benzoyl takes up to 8 weeks before improvement is seen) which kill bacteria as well as cause the skin to regenerate faster.

Maintain a routine. Most acne treatments take time to work. It usually takes between two and eight weeks before you see any significant improvement, so you are going to have to be patient. Once you’ve gotten your acne cleared up, it’s important to continue with the treatment that’s working so it does not return.

If all else fails, contact a doctor. Mild antibiotics that are available only by prescription can help reduce acne. Keep in mind though, that the widespread overuse (taking antibiotics when you really don’t need them or for something they don’t treat) and misuse (not taking medication for the specified amount of time) of antibiotics has led to the development of multiple antibiotic resistant bacteria. That means that the antibiotics won’t work for the things they used to (including your acne).


Ruth asks…

How to get rid of acne fast?

I’m 13 years old and I have acne such as blackheads,pimples,acne scars,and pimples.My friends don’t have acne and I feel different from anyone else.People that I don’t even know have made fun of me.Please help me.Thank you for your attention and consideration.

admin answers:

Well im 14 and i get pimples and blackheads here and there all the time. However everyone just tells me its because your growing up and everyone will get pimples someday. So the best thing to do is leave it and let it naturally go or what i do when i have an emergency i just get lemon juice (fresh) put it in a bowl and get a cotton ball and dip it in, dab that on your pimples. Leave it for 15-20 min and then wash it off with warm water. Doing this will make the pimples dry and after a couple of hours it should fade. Well thats what happens to me.

Hope this helped :)

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