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Susan asks…

How to get rid of eye bags naturally?

I have bags under my eyes, there not obvious, and no-one really notices them but myself when I look in the mirror. I would like to get rid of them totally, they annoy me and I think they make me look like I’m tired all the time. What natural things are there that I could try out to get rid of eye bags?

I’m a 15yr old boy so age isn’t a factor.

admin answers:

You can get rid of them in as little as a day with this treatment. See 3 happy responses from users on Answers below ##

Specialized massage will tighten skin on cheeks and under and around eye area and greatly diminish or completely get rid of bags /circles. Do a a forward and back massage – not circular.

Use both hands with front of palms and fingers held together, do quite vigorous and firm massaging (that’s important)
(1) Long up and down sweeps close to nose from chin area up to near eyes.
(2) Do another up and back at an angle from near chin point to cheek bone.
(3) Do fast up and down massage close to eye from cheek bones at an angle of 45 degrees (on your crow’s feet).

Best if do for a few minutes daily (not necessarily in one session) – skin will visibly tighten in eye area and the circles will diminish in one, two or three days.
IMPORTANT: To avoid skin pulling first make skin taught by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth (tightens most of face)
Use any natural oil. Extra virgin olive and E.V. Coconut oils work well for many. They are noncomedogenic – so do not clog or enlarge pores or cause breakouts and do not make skin oily.

For more detailed massaging technique and more testimonials research my other answers.
Best find by entering in search box “What are you looking for? Search Y! Answers”
“Mukunda M dark circles under eye bags vigorous massage skin tightening, firm, healthy glowing skin”

## wannabeblue28: “Hi Mukunda M. I have just been rubbing my face and neck with the ridges of my fingers and hands. It has made a HUGE difference in my complexion after just one night. …… My skin looks so much tighter everywhere and i no longer have bags under my eyes! Thank you so much for your post, I have been suffering with acne and under-eye circles since i was young.”*

## Asker’s response from Candi:) “I tried this a day or 2 ago, OMGosh it workedd out amazingly, thx some much and thx to you who answered, they were all good answers. =D”

## Testimonial from Billinator: “Listen to Mukunda. I have the same issue and I’m following his footsteps to get rid of them. You will notice results in just a few days by using his method”.

SOURCE(S): Many years Researcher/Consultant – safe natural treatments/cures for skin conditions and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments.

Carol asks…

How to get rid of acne naturally fast?

Im 13, I tried Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Kit. For about 1 month and kidna got worse, Please help thanks :)

admin answers:

-Drink plenty of water. It cleanses the body and flushes out harmful toxins.
-Mix about 3 tbsp. Of baking soda and a little water into your hand to form a paste. Apply the baking soda paste to your skin and massage it onto your face using circular motions. Do this for about one to two minutes and rinse with clean water.
-Try other remedies to exfoliate and heal your skin. Cook up some oatmeal and allow it to cool. Lather it onto your skin to create a facial mask. Let it dry for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off with some warm water.

Helen asks…

How do you get rid of acne as fast as possible?

I’m going to this huge party saturday and i go once a year and i only see the people once a year so i want to show them how much i’ve changed but in one week i’ve stareted to get acne all over my face please help me how do i get rid of it without using any products and i wash my face with soap and water twice a day and i don’t eat anything fattening and i excerses a hour a day PLEASE HELP ME!

admin answers:

You do realize that your washing your face with the same bar you wash your butt with, right?

So, with the acne, wash your face with a REAL cleanser (based on your skin type, naturally). Then put on something with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help with the pimples. Next: Relax.
Stress does cause acne. So breathe a little. Listen to some Josh Groban/Phil Collins or something. Inhale. And exhale.

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