Get Rid Of Acne Fast Naturally

Sandy asks…

How to get rid of acne scars fast (naturally)?

I have these acne scars on my face and I’ve had them for quiet a while now and they just don’t seem to fade. How to get rid of them?

admin answers:

What I do is this sweet easy and natural recipe:
take 1 cup of oats (I use quaker oats just plain ones)
add it with about 2 tbs warm water, or until goopy mixture.
Now put on face as a mask and let sit 10 minutes.
Wash off and do this once a day until scars fade.
For me it took 1 week.

Nancy asks…

How to clear up my acne fast?

My wedding is 2 weeks from today. How can i clear my acne fast in time for my wedding?

admin answers:


This answer is designed to better educate you on acne from a larger picture. I hope it helps you.

What agravates acne?
1- Oily hair.. So stay away from oily hair products like pomades, hairsprays and keep your hair off your forehead & face, keepit pulled back or have a short hair style, maybe put it in a hair net at night as it will keep it off of your skin.

2- Skin cosmentics and suntan lotions.. So use types that do not clog pores .. Like noncomedogenic (google it)

3- Skin moisterizers on acne prone skin ..if you do feel you need to .. Make sure it is not acnegenic.

4- Washing your skin with hot water and harsh cleansers that can can further irritate your skin. ..Wash the skin gently with a mild soap or cleanser and warm (not hot) water once or twice daily.

5- Scrubbing your skin to get rid of acne, this can actually make your acne worse and promote scarring by increasing inflammation or rupturing cysts under your skin, making bacteria spread.

6- Picking your pimples or blackheads.. This can leave permanent scars. If you feel you just have to get that head out that is ready to burst.. Go gently & immediately apply a topical antibiotic to help stave off infection.

7-Stressing out. Stress can cause acne break outs, and herpie outbreaks as well. Quit worrying over the outward appearance of acne .. It doesn’t make you a bad person.. Real beauty in a lot deaper than the skin.

8- Not getting enough sleep can cause stress as well so get to bed and those 8 hours in .. An nap when you feel like.

9- Poor nutrition …everyone knows that more fruits and vegetables in your diet is more healthy.. A healthy body will heal itself. Start drinking a lot more water .. And cut out those pops.

10- No exersise.. Exersising everyday can also make you healthier and rejevenate the skin by the increased oxegen from the increased blood flow.. It will make you stronger and healthier when combined with a nutritious diet.

11- Hot humid environments.. Like poorly ventilated gyms and kitchens.. The cooking grease your exposed to can add to pore clogging…

12-Working out bacteria.. From equipment and sweat.. Bring a long some pre-wetted alcohol towlelettes to gently wipe the sweat from your face .. Back .. Hands.. Chest .. A long the work out lines tight fitting work out clothes that trap moisture can cause bumps on your chest or back. .so wear lose fitting cotton attire.. In fact wearing lose fitting breathable attire always is beneficial when combating acne..

13- Dirty make up and make up brushes.. Throw out old contaminated make up and wash your brushes regularly in soapy water ..

Some quick tips.. And I am a believer in the natural approach to healing ones body, go to the url below if you want to pursue healing your acne naturally and permanently…I’m not trying to sell you on it ..form your own opinion.. But you owe it to yourself to take a look. I really feel it can set you on the right path to permanent healing of your skin and no more acne.

Last tip .. Bacteria is one of the key causes of acne, anything that keeps bacteria from touching your skin will help in acne prevention.

Donald asks…

Need to get rid acne fast and naturally?

Im 13 and i have acne kinda badly I need it gone by month or sooner. My parents will not buy me acne medication because they belive that i will make my body “impure” please help me. What are some home remedies that work.
Im not allowed to buy anything =(

admin answers:

Just get the clean and clear thing that has the things that clean ur skin it works soooooo well for me i love it and anything from aveno will work

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