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George asks…

How can I get rid of a pimple over night?

Hey, I’m a guy age 17. I woke up this morning to a disgusting red patch of acne on my face this morning. I hate dealing with acne, especially seeing all my peers at school with it. Is there anything that I can do tonight to at least reduce the redness, or better yet clear it all together? Any tips or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, top answer gets 10 points! Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Get rid of that overnight mindset. Acne won’t appear for a day and disappear the day after, it doesn’t take that fast to heal. It’ll take a few days, but you can speed up the process:

-DON’T DON’T DON’T DON’T EVER pick at your face and touch your pimples. This is a given; your hands can transfer bacteria to your face and cause you to break out even more

-Don’t try to pop a pimple or get rid of it with any wacky home remedies. If it is absolutely necessary, then make sure you wash your hands and have a mirror in front of you. Apply pressure, but if the pimple doesn’t budge, then leave it alone. I cannot stress this enough. If you try to pop a pimple that just won’t pop, you can end up with acne scars. I learned this the hard way.

-Use products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

-Use a face mask that’s designed to get rid of dead skin cells, detoxify your skin, draw out impurities etc.

-Cold cream (cleansing cream) really helps, in my experience. You can get a little tub of Noxzema at Target for about $5 and it’ll last you forever (I still have half a jar from 2011 and I use Noxzema about 2x a week).

-Moisturize your face! This is super important. I thought that since I had a lot of oil on my face, I didn’t need to moisturize, but after keeping my face dry, I started to break out more. Look for an acne-fighting moisturizer or a deep hydrating moisturizer.

-Use an astringent or toner after washing your face.

-DON’T USE ANYTHING THAT’S MEANT TO BE USED ON YOUR BODY FOR YOUR FACE. Facial products like washes and scrubs have their own little category at supermarkets for a reason. Body lotions and soaps are not designed for the face. Don’t do it.

-Wash your face 2-3 times per day to prevent yourself from breaking out again!

Last but not least, I’ve only had one major breakout in my entire life (2 years ago) and I’m acne free now from following the tips above. Nobody’s helped me do this on my own, I just figured out the tricks from trial and error. I only get minor breakouts around that time of the month, but even then I only get about 3-4 unnoticeable pimples. The rest of the year, I’m pimple free! Trust me, I didn’t inherit good skin either, both my parents had terrible acne when they were my age, but if you take care of your face by washing it daily and using masks about once a week you can definitely prevent this from happening again. Last but not least, find out which products work best for you and stick to a regimen!

Sandra asks…

is it possible to get rid of acne overnight or fast?

I would love to hear some ideas of how to get rid of it fast or overnight.


admin answers:

^ tht is not possible. Lool. Iv had very mild for about 7 month now . I though i could get rid of it and during these 7 month iv tried everything. One thing i can tell u for sure id tht DONT over use products. I HAD sever acne at a point during these 7 month and u know wht i did do get it to how it is now which is a like 2 pimples … At night and everymorning ..i wet 5 cottan pads with warm water and use each cotton for my forhead right cheek, left cheek nose and chin to prevent bacteria from spreading i go over this process I USE NO CLEANSER DEFINATLY DONT! USE HARSH SCRUBS iv been through all tht its and u might think this is stipid but the less is better trust me.. And although apply a bit of benzoyl peroxide in ur face cuz i applyes 2 much once i had minor burn but still apply little also go and see ur doctor if its hormonal then possibly ul have to go pills (contrecpetion ) but just remember DONT USE HARSH PRODUCTS :) )) good luckk cuz i know how u feel :D D

Paul asks…

What is the fastest and best way to get rid of ache?

I have tried all acne products and they seem not to work. i heard putting tooth paste on them and sleep over night then wash it off and they will be gone- gut i dont believe it…. PLEASE HELP!

admin answers:

Toothpaste is indeed an effective treatment but it must be the paste kind and not a gel. Also putting egg yolk on your face and allowing it to dry and then washing it off each night can also help with acne. Aspirin is another very effective treatment. You crush an aspirin tablet and mix just enough water with it to form a paste and place it on a pimple. Leave it on overnight and the pimple should be gone in the morning.
Really give these a try and see which one works the best for you. They really have been shown to work!

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