Get Rid Of Acne Fast Overnight

Paul asks…

how can i get rid of acne fast or overnight?

please help, my face is starting to have break outs again…….. .any ideas or tips?

admin answers:

Ice your face!

Put a steaming hot wash cloth on your face for about 10 seconds on and off (to open up your pores) then splash cold water on your face (to clean out the bacteria and feel refreshed)

Put Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice on a problem area.

Mash up aspirin and mix it with water to put on problem areas.

Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and leave on your face for 15 minutes.

For the long run, get a tube of Benzoyl peroxide from your doctor. It has worked WONDERS for me!

David asks…

How to get rid of pimples fast?

I don’t have acne and I clean my face very well. I get these random pimple between my eyebrows and on my chin. I want to get rid of them fast. Possibly overnight. What should I do?

admin answers:

Ice cubes shrink them put an ice cube in that pimple it helps
pasty tooth paste helps over night pasty toothpaste can shrink the size of it quickly!
Spectro Acne care is rlly good!! It shrinks your pinples fast! Some pimples i had between my eyebrows that stayed on for 2 WEEKS disapeared in 3 days!!
Having acne disapear onvernight isnt rlly possible

Richard asks…

How to get rid of pimples?

I usually have a pretty flawless face for a 13 year old. But recently I’ve been starting to have an outbreak of pimples! I’m almost positive that I take more care of my face then those who dont have acne. I wash my face all the time and use Epiduo cream every night, yet no improvement. I’m about to go as far as wearing Foundation (yes I’m a guy). Any tips on getting rid of pimples/acne FAST? Please help!

admin answers:

•Keep your skin clear of any make up and wash your face with water as many times as possible to get rid of pimples.
• An egg white face mask can also be used to fade marks. Apply only the egg white carefully onto your face.
•Applying aloe gel to your pimple scars will help soft the skin and, if the pimple is still remedial, you’ll find that it helps reduce swelling as well.
•Sandalwood powder paste can be applied on your face to fade marks. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice per day. This cleanser should be soap free because soap can be drying.
•Mix glycerin and petroleum jelly in the same amount. Apply and leave it overnight.
•Honey is also good for fading marks. Apply a small amount of honey on the marks daily. Rinse with water after about five minutes

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