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Chris asks…

How do you get rid of acne overnight?

I’ve been fighting acne for a while, and I really want to get rid of it fast! It’s almost time to start school again and my goal is to have clear skin by the first day of school! All of those acne treatments like Proactive, Clean & Clear, and Skin ID don’t work on my skin. They actually made my acne worse! So if you have any home remedies or something that works to get rid of acne OVERNIGHT please let me know! Thanks!

admin answers:

Tips for acne treatment

Acne isn’t caused by dirt. In fact people with oily skin have cleaner skin than average because they wash it more often. But it’s a fact that washing too much can make acne worse because it makes the skin dry and sore. So, wash no more than twice a day, using mild soap and water. If you have patches of dry skin, don’t worry about putting moisturizer on. It won’t make your acne worse. If you’re still concerned, use an oil free moisturizer.
There are lots of over the counter creams, gels, lotions and potions. Most contain a powerful bleaching agent called benzoyl peroxide. You’ll find the strength written on the label. You might be tempted to go straight for the highest sort, working on the ‘let’s nuke ‘em principle. The likely result is that you’ll irritate your skin like mad. It may also go all dry and scaly on you. But if you still are willing to bleach then use the mild one.
If you have been using over the counter remedies for two months and there is no real improvement in your spots, this is the moment to go and make an appointment with your doc.
The thing you are most likely to be given by the doctor is a prescription for antibiotics. These will either be topical (which means something you put on your skin) or tablets you have to take every day. Whatever treatment your doctor or pharmacist recommends, follow the instructions carefully and keep using for at least two months. There should be a noticeable improvement by this time. If not, go back to discuss other possible treatments Antibiotics are perfectly safe to take. You should take them for at least two months and then go back to your doc. If they seem to be working, he will probably tell you to keep taking them and give you some more. If they aren’t doing their stuff, don’t despair – he has loads of other spot busters in his black bag.

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers seek help for acne. You are not alone. You are not an alien. And if people really care about you, they don’t even notice your acne, however bad you think they are. But you will need to be patient. Most treatments take time to work. At least two months. And some treatments, like antibiotics will work well but may have to be taken for months, or even years.
Acne does tend to get worse just before a period. It’s because there is a surge in hormone levels at this time. But boys don’t get away lightly either. Being hot and sweaty (particularly after sports like football) makes acne worse. And for everyone, stress – particularly at exam times – is a cue for a mega breakout. This is normal – and of course, even more reason for feeling stressed. Go chill. They’ll get better – promise.
Some beauty products are big no-nos. These include pomades and defrizzing agents for hair that tend to cause an outcrop of blackheads along the hairline and some of the heavier cosmetics. And be wary of suntan oils. Not all will make you break out, but some may. Try a friend’s first before you buy. By the way, the sun might dry up acne and a tan might hide them, but your skin is still vulnerable in the sun and needs protection.
It’s a myth that eating chocolate and fried foods causes acne. However, eating a good diet improves your general well-being and this is reflected in your skin.
Common Questions asked about acne problem Does wearing make up cause acne?
It is not necessary that wearing make up causes acne. Acne is caused because of hormonal imbalance mostly during puberty. But you have to take special care while you apply make up and thereafter if you have acne. Make sure you wash any make up tools, including sponges and brushes as often as possible as these become a breeding ground for bugs which can cause your spots to pop up. Stop wearing make up if you have too many spots and you can resume after you have treated them. Don’t forget to clean the make up after you come home and make sure you cleanse your face properly each night.
Do skin toner and moisturizer cure acne?

One thing that you need to know is acne is not caused by dirt, so no amount of cleaning and toning is going to get rid of them. So for treating acne you must consult your doctor and eat lots of healthy food and drink lots of water. That is the natural way to keep you face spot free.

Is it ok to do facial?

It can be a real treat to have the facial done, as they can be very relaxing and make you feel properly pampered. However, you should be aware that they should not be used to help ‘treat’ spots, as this can be quite dangerous if the beauty therapist is not trained. Sometimes a beauty therapist will also squeeze out any spots and blackheads that if it’s not done properly, may cause a bigger problem than be

Thomas asks…

What is the best and easiest way to get rid of my acne?

I have moderate acne and it’s getting worse day by day. I have tried prescriptions (Tazorac & Retin-a) and they don’t work and they make my skin peel. Clearasil Ultra works, but definately not in 3 days, try 3 weeks. What can i used to ger rid of my acne fast? Does pro-activ work?

admin answers:

Here are some REALLY good, and very inexpensive ways to treat most acne at home. Try each method (unless you’re allergic to the ingredients) until you find one that works best for you. Good luck =) BTW, I know some of these may sound bizarre but try them…what have you got to lose other than the acne!!

1. Put toothpaste on your acne before going to bed. (Make sure it is paste not gel). It should reduce the swelling of acne noticeably.

2. Dab egg whites on your acne and leave on for 20 minutes or overnight. It’s supposed to pull the infection out of the blemish.

3. Wash acne infected areas twice a day with warm salt water. This reduces oils in the skin and helps to dry the acne up without further agitation.

4. Use ice on acne before going to bed. This works best on pimples that have not yet formed a head. It reduces swelling and helps to prevent scarring.

5. Wash and dab acne with cotton balls that have been soaked in vinegar. Let dry; do not wash off immediately.

6. Place strawberries leaves over your acne and the alkalinity will help to reduce the swelling.

Donna asks…

Anyone know really good tips/products to get rid of body acne fast?

I have recently gotten acne on my chest and arms, and it is not celiac or anything like that.
I am wondering if there area any good tips or products to get rid of the acne as fast as possible. I have a dance soon and do not want acne showing all over my chest.
I have tried proactiv and it didn’t work for me…

Thanks in advance <3

admin answers:

Just try washing your skin with moisturizing body wash. There’s also a product called Mario Badescu. It’s available at Nordstrom in the cosmetic section. It works really well. It was recommended to my brother and I at our acting school. My brother is a model and it seems to be working very well for him. It’s cheaper than Pro-Active but it doesn’t come as a set, it comes individually. And I guess if you bought a lot of it it would. You should really start trying it. I’ve also recommended it to a couple of my friends and it’s working very well for them too. Ask about it and see what you like. It’s not a kit type of thing either so it works overnight.

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