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Lisa asks…

How to remove fleshy moles naturally?

i have this Fleshy mole by my neck and it is distracting and ugly and i want to get rid of it fast and naturally any methods i can use????

admin answers:

Do you know if it’s a good mole or a bad mole?
Ice T- and Cindy Crawford – famous Million-Dollar model, even Madonna has a good mole on their faces! Google:
Celebrities with beauty marks 122,000,000 r results (0.17 seconds)

Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons’s DD of KISS, has one on her face, actually for her it’s a huge birthmark. There are good moles and there are bad moles. Elizabeth Taylor has good mole, and when I had a pimple that never went away, it was in the same area where Liz’ mole was, I felt blessed! But, it got infected because I picked on it & picked on it when it got bumpy, it had been on my face for 4 years. One year it didn’t get bumpy, so it was flat for one year after that. I picked on it again, and now it’s flat and it’s almost faded – like any acne on our faces!!!! But usually, I even try to darken it with eyebrow pencil. I’ve always have clear complexion, but I noticed when it gets cloudy I couldn’t protect myself from the heat, so that’s why it got bumpy again.

My aunts, my mom and two of mom’s in-laws have the same chin moles, since they were teenagers. When they have photos together, you could say they could have been separated from birth! I’m not making this up.

I had a mole on my thigh that was throbbing. It was the size of a pencil eraser. Dermatologist told me it wasn’t cancer, but I had it removed (3 stitches) but it got infected. I couldn’t keep water from it when I take a shower and it left me a 1 1/2″ scar, but it was still throbbing. My other dermatologist injected something around it, and it got flatter, but the throbbing stopped. That was 6 years ago, but the throbbing starts again, but the scar is almost gone. I should have left it alone, but the throbbing was annoying me!

Google A Death by Suntan by age 26, Yahoo Shine 3-23-10. In April 2005, while working out at her college gym in Rhode Island, 22-year-old Glenna Kohl detected a hard, golf ball-size lump near her groin. . . . .In high school, Glenna did have an irregular mole removed from her leg. A pathology report identified it as benign, but the surgeon tested it again. The lab had made an error: The mole was an early stage melanoma.

Moles that are the same color as your skin, will become bumpier, not darker, & larger, but they will become as skin tags. Again, don’t try to cut them yourself without having seen by a doctor. I’ve cut mom’s skin tags, all 37 of them, and only 2 of them bled. But, I put a Band-aid, and it was fine several hours later. You can prevent getting skin tags, moles, freckles by avoiding the sun @ least 95% of the day.

Take the Skin Picture Quiz – Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

Ewan McGregor: The Angels & Demons star had a cancerous mole below his right eye removed in 2008. “It was great fun having skin cancer,” the now cancer-free actor joked at the time. “I really enjoyed it.”

Regis Philbin: The daytime host has endured two skin cancer scares. After having a lump removed from his hand via Mohs surgery, he had a more serious lump removed from his face in 1993.
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Ruth asks…

My lips are really dry and I have all these little bumps that look like pimples, what is this?

the sides of my lips have been swallon red with about eight pimples on the side of them, and my lips are also really dry. do I need medical attention.EW! what is it! my lips look like

admin answers:

It could be a multitude of things;

(1) Sun exposure..if you were exposed to the sun too long you can develop blisters (that look like pimples)
(2) Acne..a severe breakout concentrated around your lips
(3) Allergic reaction…you ate something that made you breakout (is it also anywhere else on your body, might look like a rash)
(4) Cold sores…if you recently had a bad cold you might breakout (also called fever blisters)(cold sores are also a form of herpes, so be careful if you kiss anyone)
what ever it is do not try to pop these pimples as there are numerous veins that run through your lips and popping these can be very painful and dangerous…

External solution:
change your pillow case every other night (sleep on one side of it the first night, turn it over for the second night) – do not touch your face with unwashed hands at any time. Need to scratch – use a tissue. – wash your hair with a mild shampoo every night or use a wrap-around night cap that covers the hair and wash the cap every morning. Hair carries bacteria and will transfer to your face via the pillow. – steam your face at home to help the skin eliminate toxins through sweating (a bowl of boiling water on the table, cover your head with a towel), or use the steam room at a gym. – exercise to help the body in detoxification and metabolism; exercise as much as possible – this may be in the form of running, jogging or simply light aerobic-style exercise to music. (the idea is to get out those toxins by sweating)

Internal solution:
The best, for your skin is to do an internal can achieve this by doing a special 3 day cleansing diet (fast). This process / cleansing must be undertaken with care but fasting has unmatched ability to restore the skin and get rid of pimples zits most cases you will see drastic improvement in your skin condition at the end of a 3rd day.

Before commencing a fast you must make a change in your diet and eliminate all mucus (or acid) forming foods such as processed / junk / fast foods, confectioneries and carbonated soft drinks; you need to eat more wholesome and natural foods such as fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, nuts, root vegetables, fresh juices – all foods that are mucus (or alkaline-forming) binding.

Search for mucus forming and binding foods in a search engine such as Yahoo or Google so you have a list of these. Or another search you could do is for mucus-free foods.

Then you need to learn (quickly) when and how to eat these correct foods. It has been shown that the worst meal we have is breakfast because the body goes through a natural cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon and breakfast interrupts this cleansing period; the body then goes through a building program from twelve noon until twelve midnight, and it is during this period that your food intake should occur.

A suggested simple daily menu plan to get rid of pimples zits fast (remember, this is a ‘fast’ in order to rid your body of toxins that are causing the pimples zits):

1st Meal of the day – Breakfast: A large glass of fresh fruit juice (squeeze it yourself), or preferably plain iced water.
2ns Meal of the day – Lunch: A meal of any fruit that is in season e.g. Apples, Melons, Berries. Do not mix the fruits at one meal.
3rd Meal of the day – Dinner: Fresh, home-made salads with simple dressing made with Lemon juice, olive oil and uniodized salt – Or – Raw and / or cooked root vegetables such as Potatoes, Celery, Carrots
Do not drink liquids with your meals as liquids tends to dilute the digestive juices in your stomach which then slows digestion and assimilation and increases the tendency for constipation. If you must drink water after a meal, wait a full hour. This simple but extremely effective dietetic change has been known to get rid of pimples zits in as little as three days.

Remember pimples zits, as impossible as it may seem at times, are very easy to control without drugs and using all natural methods….but you must change your diet in order to achieve your goal…as with all remedies if after trying this your condition persists..Please Please see a physician you might need a dosage of antibiotics for the infection…Do not become disheartened in just a few short days you will be able to show the world your smooth face!….Best of luck to you!


Betty asks…

I had a problem skin, but now i can’t get rid of my scars!?

I had a very problem skin. I did a lot of treatments, and finally it helped. Now my skin is fine. Sometimes, after overeating sweets, I get some rush, but it goes away fast.
But after all of it, I got really red skin with a lot of scars!
I can’t go outside without foundation, because all my face is sooo red!
I tried a lot of different “whitening masks” and other stuff, but nothing helps.
How can I get rid of it and have a healthy skin color on my face?

admin answers:

The “rush”, or flushing you experience after sugar sounds like Rosacea. I get that, too. The scars are unrelated to Rosacea and are cause by acne.

I’d suggest seeing a dermatologist about it. The Rosacea is not curable, but certain laser treatments can alleviate the redness and flushing. Skin whitening products and scar reducing products are way too harsh for Rosacea skin and may actually make things worse. Be very gentle with your skin – no scrubs or peels – and ask your dermatologist.

Also – were you on Accutane by any chance? It can cause Rosacea when taken in very high doses. Email me at if you have any more questions.

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