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William asks…

how do u get rid of black heads on the nose and side of nose. little black specs.?

i think they are blackheads , they are like pin points and not that noticable

admin answers:

Look up Bee-Luscious Cosmetics on Yahoo search. Then get their Medicated Acne Peel. It will scrub those pesky little things right off your nose. Then use their Pore Minimizing Toner to shrink your pores to help prevent them from coming back as fast.

Lizzie asks…

Re: Does anyone have a fast acting remedy that gets rid of zits fast?!?

I need help with acne problems… alot of my friends, and even some of my closest family have acne! I am trying to find a fast acting remedy to give them to get rid of their pimples and zits! (acne) If you have any suggestions, then please either post it or e-mail me at!!! thanks once again!

admin answers:

I used to have acne really bad and know your friends and family feel. One day I was searching for acne cures and crap I found this blog haha( I bookmarked it lol )

Anyway I got the acne free product deal he recommends and my acne literally disappeared. It was crazy. The product i bought had a money back guarantee which is kinda cool too. I think it’s only like $25 or something

Anyway, I hope that helps!


Lisa asks…

how to get rid of acne and blackheads?

i have red acne on my forehead and blackheads on my nose how can i get rid of it

admin answers:

I am medical student and i said
Use Lcetaphil medically claimed face wash and
Fast food , pickles
drink plenty of water and eat leafy vegetable and fruits
First thing change your diet
sleep at least 8-9 hour
aamla is very good source of vitamin c
aamla makes your skin clean and decrease flow of sebum. Sebum is main factor of pimples
If you any queries
my email id

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