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Ruth asks…

Skin advice?? Help needed for any skin treatment please help ?

Hello, im hoping for some skin care advice.. My skin has various problems especially my face. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Ok ;
My eyes – I have dark circles around both eyes and underneath is quite baggy/ puffy. I’ve recently noticed underneath my eyes have become really spotty, not the popping spots spotty but like loads of tiny bumps underneath my eyes also underneath my bottom lip? what can i do ?

My face- is really red? looks like i have tiny lil veins in the redness? ive tried exfoliating but it never makes my skin go clear? Also i have tiny little holes all over ? i think its the pores but all over my forehead and cheeks they are extremely noticeable even from far ? what is that ? how can i make my face go just 1 shade instead of various :/

My belly – loose skin? i know once you lose weight you cant get rid of loose skin but is there any type of firming cream i can use? just to help even the tiniest bit ?
my chest – i know you cant enlarge chest size but is there any vitamins that can help ?

I know what im asking for is a miracle but any suggestions would be appreciated. Surgery is out of the question. Looking for tips from normal people who made have had the same problems…

If it helps, i’m 22 white female. live in the UK n i have 2 kids,,,

admin answers:

This is most likely caused by a poor diet, and vitamin deficiency.
Even if you try to eat “healthy”, chances are that your not ingesting the required amount vitamins like vitamin A, choline, B12, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, etc.

I take maximum daily dosage of vitamin A and max strength biotin. It helps w/ hair and skin. Helps clear acne and makes your hair and nails grow faster and healthier.

I suggest going to a dermatologist. That’s money well spent. Visiting a dermatologist will get you some real results, and theres nothing that some Yahoo! Advice can do for you the way a Dr can. Having a conversation w/ a doc, rather than some random advice on the web, will give you insight make some sense of why your skin is failing you and a diagnosis is tailored to your specific body.

Some one mentioned teabagging your eyes. Im pretty sure that wont work.
Youll need some one w/ a PhD and professional insight about the intagumentary system to provide a prognosis and medication.

Our bodies are very unique, and maybe your inflamed eyes and skin is a result of allergies. Most people don’t know that they have a latent allergy to certain foods, and they never find out. Also you might be eating a lot of carcinogenic foods that is starting to take a toll on your body.

Instead of spreading creams, home remedies, and over the counter placebos, proper nutrition should clear up your skin and eyes overall health.

Just go to a consultation. Its a good investment on your health and appearance.

Thomas asks…

Does this pimple solution really work?

admin answers:

Yea it works, but you have to keep doing it.

Its just like everything else.

Its not a cure for acne, but it helps.

Chris asks…

Dry skin and how to get rid of it??

Ive had it for a while and its on my face from acne meds ive used. Im applying vaseline now but hardcore amounts of it. How can i get rid of it. The skin looks redish colored. How can i get rid of this?? any sugestions?
Its not roasha i knwo what that is LOL
Its not roasha i know what that is LOL

admin answers:


I am a detox specialist and I specialize in helping people get rid of their problems via a detox.

The easiest and FASTEST way to get rid of your problem is to go through a home spa facial programme.

The detox can actually slowly help your skin to hydrate and undo the cause of the dry skin and slowly help your skin become normal skin again.

A detox programme for your skin is healthy because it brings balance back to your skin and getting rid of your skin problems is just a by product of the detox. So at the end of the detox, you will find your skin healthier, more radiant looking as well.

And the detox is simple. All you need to do is three things.

Number one, lather my special facial bar into lather…

Number two, apply it onto your face and wait 3 minutes

Number three, wash it out and pat dry with clean towel.

And that’s it.

The rest is up to you.

So what do you think? ;)

If you are keen to find out more about my detox home spa facial programme, you can email me at

You can see my B4 and AFTER pic:

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