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Paul asks…

home remedies for face acne?

anything at home i could use everyday to get rid of acne?

admin answers:

While I can recommend something that will help, acne is both a hormonal issue and a skin care issue. The problem with most of the products out there in the market is that they contain detergent which will remove dirt, oil, and makeup but it also strips your skin of water. It’s not labeled as detergent in the ingredients but it’s called Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (check the ingredients on your current cleanser). When your skin is dehydrated, it breaks down more quickly and will cause you to age faster because you lose elasticity in your skin (starts to droop and wrinkle). That’s why most skin care is a huge marketing ploy. They sell you stuff that appears to work so you use it but then you begin to age prematurely so they can sell you wrinkle creams and things of that nature much faster than you ordinarily would need them… Detergents also leave a residue on your skin that causes blackheads. I can e-mail you my complete routine if you’d like me to. Just e-mail me at and I’ll send you a detailed description of the routine along with examples of what I use. Since you only asked for an at-home acne remedy, here it is:
Go to the grocery store and find either a lemon, orange, or pineapple-flavored yogurt (any brand is fine) and apply it all over your face and let it sit for 10-15mins. Do this every day if you have bad acne or just 1-2 a week to exfoliate. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. The cultures in yogurt help neutralize the bacteria in pores (a blemish is simply a bacteria-filled pore) and the citric acid in the lemon, orange, or pineapple will help you exfoliate the top layer of skin which will be much better than using a scrub.

Donald asks…

how to get ride of pimples fast?

whats good ways to get rid of pimples or acnne, or even black heads or some good face wash? i have clearsil face wash, is that good? like i dont have a lot of acne haha, just wondering

admin answers:

For a face cleanser, I use St. Ives Apricot Blemish Control Face scrub. It works really well !

After using the face scrub, I dry my face and then apply Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear acne treatment pads.

For stubborn and huge pimples, I use Clean & Clear’s persa gel. It has maximum strength Benzoyl peroxide so it’s very strong and works well ! Within hours, I notice my pimples become smaller and practically disappear when I apply the persa gel.

Wait at least 15 minutes for the any acne medication to set in before applying a moisturizing face lotion because acne-fighting products can dry out the skin.

Be sure to drink plenty of water! It will help immensely with acne. Avoid foods/drinks that are sugary, oily, greasy, or fried as well.

The products I mentioned above can all be found at Wal-mart.

Links to products I mentioned above:

Daniel asks…

Which facewash works for acne in bangladesh ?

admin answers:

Take a nutmeg ( JAAYPHAL) rub it over stone by using milk as the medium to prepare paste. Now apply this paste over your acne at bed time & wash with water in morning daily for 15 days.Have honey & add little holy BASIL leaves juice to it mix now apply it over the acne in the morning & after drying wash it with water.
Wash your face with water 4-6 times daily & wipe off with towel gently.Stop taking Junk / Fast Food much spicy & deep fried preparations. Minimise coffee or tea consumption. Take Papaya after lunch.Seasonal fruits, curd & green vegetables be added to your diet.Do not take nonveg for 15 days.
If you follow my suggestions regularly for 15 days, you will get rid of your problem.
For oily face apply MULTANI MITTI face pack over your face regularly for 7 days & wash after drying with water. There will be no oily skin.

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