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John asks…

What gets rid of YOUR pimples?

admin answers:

What gets rid of YOUR pimples
If you want the quick version, I heard about Acne MD acne solution on the ABC evening news and read about it on Yahoo Answers. It has completely cleared my skin and I have so much more self confidence. If you have acne, or you’re a parent with a child who has acne, you owe it to yourself to try Acne MD like I did. I love it because:

- It doesn’t have bad side effects like most prescription acne medication.
- It comes with a free trial!!!
– I only paid a small shipping and handling fee.
- It does not dry my skin out, instead it makes it feel soft.
- It cleared my acne fast, and did it when Proactiv couldn’t

Sharon asks…

How To Get Rid Of Spots!!?

What are spot remedies (I don’t mean spot creams/products) that work quickly? Such as honey, toothpaste, etc? I heard they work…but how much do you apply to the spot and how quickly do they work? I need stuff that works very quickly! And doesnt scar or requires popping as this scars too. I’m 15 and everytime I manage to get rid of a spot two come along at once!
My skin is acne prone unfortunately but I do manage to cover them up with make up but I’m fed up of having spots and my friends having none :(
I wash my face everyday with Tesco Clear Skin, St Ives exfoliator, and Witch Hazel gel on my spots. I also have doctor prescribed spot medicine cream which I apply to the worst spots which works SOMETIMES! please help!

ALSO …a way to reduce redness in spots?? Don’t just say concealer because I use that anyway and it isn’t 100% affective!

P.s: if you can answer…please…how to get smooth skin? I use a moisturizer but it doesn’t really make my skin that smooth..:( help??? Thanks!

admin answers:

If you have a pimple ” PLEASE DO NOT POP IT AT ALL ” trust me i am experiencing a really horrible thing i had a huge pimple and now its almost gone huge problem D:
How to get rid of acene scars/spots
By spots do you mean acene scars? If so you should apply the amount of toothpaste you use for brushing your teeth and toothpaste only works for pimples so don’t apply it to spots or acene scars to be continued please remove the toothpaste after exactly ” 20 mins ” no more no less! It damages your skin!
You can use honey too! It helps a lot you can either use honey before bed ” I highly suggest before bed tell morning ”
You just can use the amount of it that you use your toothpaste C: but make sure it doesn’t like drip or fall anywhere!! Honey is good for pimples and acene scars or infected things!
Please use less makeup!
And lemon juice or just lemon helps a lot!!! Trust me i apply lemon juice daily! Apply lemon juice on a Sunny day please! And apply it to your face for 15 mins and take it off in 15 mins ” exactly ”
Vitamin A helps a lot if you are planning to buy one take one tablet daily or just cut the tablet with scissors and apply the gel on your acene scar/spot
For more information do a re search on google and YouTube it helps Cx

~how to get rid of a pimple~
It will obviously come back in a bad condition!!
Maybe not in 5 mins but in less than one hour it’ll come back bigger! Or it’ll go and leave spots/acene scars on your skin and its even worse!
Okay so I suggest dandruff shampoo like head and shoulders works really fast just leave it in over night and wash your face with head and shoulders again in the morning ” all of your face ” trust me it makes you get a really good skin!!!
Apply toothpaste for 20 mins ” ONLY IT CAN DAMAGE YOUR SKIN ”
Honey works great too! I will also link you a other question check the best answer it helps really like helps!!! Trust me i tried it!!
Okay so that’s all I know and here’s the answer! Http://
Hope this helped XOXOXOXOXO

Linda asks…

does anyone know a cheap, fast acne treatment?

please help me i hate acne and i need to get rid of it fast i’ve been using clean and clear, thats keeps it from comming up but if i forget to put the cream on for one day i break out! help!

admin answers:

Do tell your age dear …
The number one cause of acne is the production of sex hormones, known as androgen, that begins at puberty. This is why majority of acne sufferers are adolescents and teens. Hormones are responsible for then acne flare-ups during menstruation and pregnancy.
Natural home made skin care recipes is best for you. You can make it easily with available products in your kitchen and in home. You can try this and see if it helps. Lemon Juice-A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results

if u want more info goto also check the good skin clinic over there .. Thanks for using yahoo answers..

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