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Lizzie asks…

I need help deciding between these two acne treatment creams?

Okay so first off let me tell you about the type of acne I have. I don’t have extreme acne, but I do have a couple pimples on my chin and one or two on my forehead and sometimes I get little bumps on my nose. Nothing extreme. They are the kind of pimples that are sore and don’t have any puss or sometimes they are the ones with the white spot on the top. I know it’s gross, but I think this will help with the decision at the end. Remember, I only have a few pimples right now. I also have sensitive skin. Okay, so the two treatment creams I am deciding between are both by Clearasil. I am not getting an acne face wash because I have tried many of those and they worked for a while but then I think my face became immune to them and stopped working all together. So I have decided to just try Cetaphil daily face wash. It is really good on sensitive skin and cleans your face very well and I have heard putting together a really good face wash and a strong acne treatment cream will work to get rid of acne. The reason I want to get rid of my acne is because I am 15 and I want to start my sophomore year clear-faced. Okay, so the first product is called Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Treatment Cream. It says you start seeing results in as little as four hours, it eliminates dirt and oil while treating acne, and it accelerates delivery of maximum strength acne medication. The next product is called DailyClear Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream. It says it works on existing pimples and ones you feel coming, it’s gentle enough for everyday use, and it contains the highest amount of acne medication without a prescription to help clear acne fast. So the reason I am asking this question on Yahoo Answers is because I don’t know a lot about getting rid of acne and I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Please give me some advice. Thank you so much in advance! P.S. Do not recommend anything else. There are two many options and some things that work for other people will not work for me. I have had luck with Clearasil products in the past, so please just read over the benfits of each product and apply that to my type of acne and then choose between those two acne treatment creams.

admin answers:

Didn’t even read this… Why not just stop eating processed foods and eat right.. Hydrate appropriately and sweat more?

It’s not what you put on you dear… It’s what you’re putting inside.. And please refrain from dairy at all costs.

John asks…

I need an acne solution! PLEASE HELP!?

Ok so I really need an acne solution. I don’t have severe acne it’s kind of mild but I HATE IT! I just want it to go away FAST! I have sensitive skin so if you can recommend a product that works with sensitive skin and gets rid of acne fast and actually works (which is a big deal) then i will choose you as best answer. DO NOT recommend Proactiv because that is very harsh and irritates sensitive skin. Also, please recommend me something that I can buy at a drug store. I don’t want to get a doctors prescription for this. Please recommend some products for me! Thank you! :)

admin answers:

Neutrogena… The type in the clear bottle, product is orange. The face wash.
Then try a acne fighting moisturizer, clean and clear has one. It will keep your skin from drying out, and will help get rid of the acne. Use these two at night, and just splash cold water on your face. There is no reason to wash your face in the morning, unless you’ve been up all night digging ditches, so it only takes away unnecessary oils and will normally make your sensitive skin AND acne worse. Over drying is an ununderstood problem. Most people think the more dried out, the less acne. It’s actually opposite, unless you’re all oily.. This should work. Hope I helped!

Answer mine?


Steven asks…

How to get rid of acne fast ?

Ok, so I have really bad skin. I know there are many cleansers out there to help, but there’s one problem , … I have really sensitive oily skin ! Some cleansers my mom buys makes my skin WORSE !! Ugh! I hate my skin!! I want to get rid of all of my acne within the next month (before school starts back) . Does anybody know how to get rid of my bad acne fast??? (I live in florida, so the heat makes it worse ._.) Thanks :*

admin answers:

I have suffered form bad acne before also!

There are a few products i would strongly recommend!!
- Lavender and tea tree oil
- Panoxyl or sudocream
- Cetaphil
- Aloe Vera
- I have heard of head and shoulders working, but if your skin is sensitive you may want to check up on this product
- Honey is good
- Toothpaste on any large spots
- Glycerin and Benzoyl Peroxide based products are recommended
- The Regimen from the site (Good for reviews!!)

Other things that help clear up skin is – drinking a lot of water
- Vitamins and certain minerals
- Exfoliating often ( But be gentle with skin )
- Wear sunscreen whenever you are outside
- Clean towels when washing face
- Baking soda with water is meant to be good for a mask ( Put on face for 1 hour )
- Oatmeal crushed up and added to water is meant to be good
- Try and wear oil free makeup or non at all to make sure your pores do not block
- Warm water when washing your face
- There is a salt trick to get rid of any horrid pimples on the link underneath!


Don’t forget that smiling and generally trying to have a good time will reduce the stress factor and that most people have acne during high school!

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