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Linda asks…

how to get rid of pimple spots on face. Also I have a lot of open pores on my face. Can anyone help please?

admin answers:

I am sure you are looking for a fast answer.

I have large pores on my face and know that you should use cold water to wash your face. Hot or too warm water will open your pores!

For getting rid of the pimple spots you also need to try a little prevention. Here are some tips to help get rid of pimple spots:

Avoid oil-based products such as fabric moisturizers, skin moisturizers, make-up and other cosmetics and other products you use at home and on your skin. More oil on the skin aggravates the production of sebum on your skin.
Avoid using products that have the following ingredients:
Isopropyl myristate
Sodium lauryl sulphate
Sodium laureth sulphate
Mineral oil
Propylene glycol
Avoid eating foods that can aggravate your acne:
Fatty food such as: pork, peanuts, dairy products
Processed foods: white flour, white sugar, canned meats
Excess intake of milk
Alcoholic beverages and too much sugary drinks can deplete the needed vitamins and minerals of the body. And a decrease in these nutrients can increase your chances of getting pimple spots.
Do not pop your pimple/s. If you are lucky to have only a pimple once in a while, avoid popping or pinching it to prevent infection. Break-outs can happen anytime and to anyone, so stop yourself from popping that pimple.
Wash your face twice a day at a maximum. Frequent washing can cause your skin to produce more sebum as water washes away the natural moisture of your skin.
Drink more water to flush out your body’s toxins.
Avoid foods that are too high in carbohydrates that can encourage excess production of testosterone, and this hormone can encourage acne to break-out.
When going outdoors, use sunscreen or sun block to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Pimple spots can be aggravated if not protected properly.
You can get rid of pimple spots by practicing these simple tips on top of your regular treatments. And be sure to ask your dermatologist’s advice about it to be on the safe side.

To help with preventing pimple spots, I know of some great products that give 100 results. You can find out more by e-mailing me at

Maria asks…

Colon/ Parasite Cleanse, Liver and Kidney Flush and the CURE to Acne?

I’m beginning a two month Colon/ Parasite and Toxic Cleanse tomorrow (Coloinix and ToxinOut sold Dr.Natura). Followed by a Liver Flush (recipe by : Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. found in her book “The Cure for all Diseases” Copyright 1995) which I will repeat 10 to fifteen times in two week intervels. I want to know if any of you (especially girls/ woman) have completed these cleanses and have had results. There’s no doubt in me that I will see results, because of the information I have come across especially related to the liver flush and it’s relation to hormonal acne and other problems. I encourage all who are suffering from acne, especially around the jawline to look into this. I would love responses reguarding these subjects as well…

admin answers:

Hi Beatrice

Glad to see someone talking and actually doing some cleanses to rid of the toxins out of the body on this website. This is healing at it’s finest! Awesome! I’m trying to educate people on programs like this to heal any illness or disease. I know you will have much success with these programs. I do 6 cleanses (especially colon) a year including a 30 day juice fast with herb formulas.

I believe DAFFY (yahoo answer guru) has done the program, so she can give you a women’s feedback. Keep us updated on your progress.

I noticed your new to the forum, so getting much (positive feedback) on this forum will be sketchy. We’re trying to educate though.

Best of health to you

Carol asks…

Overnight Remedies for Acne…..?

What are some overnight remedies to get rid of acne? Acne really stresses me out but then I just break out even more and I just want to get rid of it

admin answers:

There are many ways to cure acne. You have to experiment to find what is best for you. Everyone is different, so don’t give up!

You can’t go wrong with washing your face… Of course, this doesn’t always help those severe cases.

The BEST treatment is prevention! My answer is already pretty long, so here is a good link(:

I always wash my pillow cases every week or so. It really helps!

I recommend a good, non-comedogenic facewash, so it won’t cause any other breakouts.

Avoid putting things on your face with a scent, such as hand lotion. It wil most likely cause more breakouts. Again, use non-comedogenic products.

Wash your face twice a day, with the hottest water you can stand. Hot water will open those pores for a much more thorough clean. Rinse with cold water to close those pores back aswell!

Now when you are buying face wash.. You will notice there are two main active ingredients to treat acne.
- Salicylic Acid
- Benzoyl Peroxide

Both are very effective treatments. When used together they can be even better. Just make sure to keep your skin moisturized, they will dry your face quickly.

Salicylic Acid – Works by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed properly. This prevents pores from being clogged. The acid is also known to break down black heads as well as whiteheads. It also allows your skin to absorb more benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl Peroxide – Removes dead skins cells and fights bacteria. When used correctly, it can also reduce redness. Probably the most effective by far.

Here are some other options if you want to experiment with at-home methods…


I prefer to use natural products myself. Tea Tree oil has been proven to work as well as Benzoyl Peroxide with less side effects. Although it takes longer to show results. It isn’t for everyone!

Some research suggests vitamins such as A and all of the B Vitamins help with acne. Here’s the link for that.. Http://

Like I said before, everyone is different, so give everything a try! Here is a wiki article, for extra info!


Rubbing Alcohol… Will fight bacteria that cause acne. But alcohol will deffinatly dry that face fast, and potentially cause redness.
* This can actually make acne worse if you dry out your skin… Use in moderation and moisturize often.

To even skin tone and also fight acne I use an Alpha Hydroxy Acid lotion at 10% strength, 3 times a week. It also helps with wrinkles(:

A healthy diet is also very helpful.. But come on, we all know that isn’t easy. Especially when you’re a kid and your parents call the shots on the food! Here’s a link for tips on dieting to improve skin. Http://

Moisturizing is VERY important for a healthy face. It will prevent a lot of dryness. When you get dryness and cracks in the skin, you are just asking for more acne.
Always remember to use non-comedogenic products.

* If you don’t moisturize, your face will become oily, making you want to touch and wipe your face, spreading bacteria and other crap into those pore! Plus oil is more likely to attract dirt and dust.

Finally, NEVER touch your face. It’s probably the worse thing you can do. Besides popping your pimples… If you pop them, it will make them spread, or even get infected. I don’t advise popping them… But if you really must… Do it the right way! Here is a wiki article.. Http://

Remember not to be discouraged. Everyone gets acne. It’s normal. You just have to experiment to find out how YOU can control yours. Good luck :)

Feel free to contact me via email on my yahoo profile with any questions you may have.

Additional information….

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