Get Rid Of Acne Fast

David asks…

How do you get rid of acne fast without buying any products?

I want to get rid of my acne fast naturally. It’s mostly on my forehead and nose which makes it really noticable. Does anyone know any home remedies to get rid of acne fast? I would really appreciate it!

admin answers:

Here are some home remedies that work really well

George asks…

How to get rid of acne really fast?

I don’t have super bad acne like some people but I wanna get rid of it. I am currently using Neutrogena Rapid Clear and it’s clearing but drying out my skin. But what are some home remedies that get rid of acne fast. And I don’t use make up at all.

admin answers:

First off, it’s good that you don’t wear makeup. Continue to not wear it, because if you start it will only make your acne problems worse. I know that from experience. It’s good to have a cleanser that works with your face. If I were you I wouldn’t use your current kind anymore since it’s drying your face out. Try different kinds you’ll eventually find something that works. Even if it doesn’t start to get rid of your acne fast, you still want to use a cleaner. You may feel it’s not working but it definitely is. Since the most important thing is keeping your face cleansed. Wash your face twice a day. Wash with warm water, rinse with cold water. Hot water opens pores, cold water closes them. Some home remedies.. Some people say use alcohol pads, but that will actually dry your face out too much. Plus, it doesn’t really help with acne, it helps with oily skin. I’ve heard of..
- Putting toothpaste on a pimple or a cluster of pimples on before you go to bed.
- Dab a drop of tree oil on a pimple.
- Dabbing honey on pimples before bed.
- Put lemon juice on a cottonball and dab it on pimples before bed.
- Mix together sea salt and warm water, dab it all over your face after a shower or before bed.
You’ll just have to experiment, everyone is different.

Nancy asks…

How many glasses of lemon water to get rid of acne fast?

I heard that lemon water detoxifies the skin and body and applying to face also helps but how many glasses can should I drum to get rid of acne fast?? Also does lime juice work the same way?? I only have lime juice, does lime juice fade acne scars???

admin answers:

The reason limes and lemons work is because before a lemon is a lemon it is once a lime. Didn’t know that hugh?

Anyway, you can apply some lime juice to a cotton ball and gently gently apply it to the acne. Mix water a drop or two so it won’t sting. Just to the acne. Not our whole face. Or it will sting so bad you want to punch in a wall.

Do this up to 4x a day. Once more at night and sleep with your face up on the pillow. Don’t let your pillow touch your face.

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