Get Rid Of Acne Faster

Richard asks…

what is the best face wash to use to clear up your skin within a week?

i have prom next weekend and would like my face to clear up and i want my blemishes gone. whats the best thing to do to get rid of acne fast?

admin answers:

I recommend washing twice a day with acne-free severe foaming cream (it comes in an orange bottle and you can get it at walmart). It’s pretty strong and can dry your skin. If you notice your skin getting really dry, you can apply some toner (i recommend l’oreal) with a cottonball a few minutes after washing to rehydrate your skin. Hope this helps!

Michael asks…

How do I get rid of acne fast?

I have school pictures in about six days. I have some acne that I need gone before then. How do I get rid of acne FAST!!!!?

admin answers:

Unfortunately, acne is too persistent to go away quite so quickly. You can try these clearasil 3-day wipes or whatever, but such things don’t usually work very effectively. Your best bet might just be to use some concealer or other product for your photo day. I know it sucks – I hate to be the bearer of bad news lol. However, once you are through with the photos, I would recommend seeing your doctor and asking about acne treatments- ask about antibiotics.

I’ve been on one called Tetralysal for about 5 months now and it’s been working great – I have far fewer pimples now and virtually no redness. It’s not the fastest treatment, but it does work as it kills the bacteria causing it, rather than just dealing with what they cause. Other treatments that claim to be fast usually don’t work on solving the problem, just masking the effects.

Hope this helps, and hope the pictures go well!

Nancy asks…

How to get rid of acne in a week. :c?

I’m signing up to do modeling, and I need to get rid of this acne as fast as possible. Tooth paste, and facial cleansers are not working for me. Help! ASAP.

admin answers:

Get this thing called “rubbing alcohol” (at wal-mart)
i takes care of everything!!
Get rid of black head, white heads, ACNE, you name it!!
It wont take long either

directions: squeeze or pour onto a cotton ball (until half soaked) and SCRUB!!! (make sure to close your eyes because if you dont then it WILL burn and dont breathe it in either) its not toxic, it just doesn’t feel good when it reaches your eyes or if you breathe it in :P


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