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Mark asks…

How to get rid of ACNE SCARS fast?

I’ve tried lemon juice, ice cubes, original yogurt, to baking soda, but I can’t seem to get rid of my acne SCARS I’ve had them for 3 days but it hasn’t got better. I don’t know what to use, and my mom won’t let me go to the dermatologist. I’ve got rid of acne scars before but for some reason my remedies won’t work now for scarring, what should I use or do?

admin answers:

Try honey (:
Pure honey, not stuff with loads of sugar added. Acacia or Manuka would be best but any pure honey will do! Leave it on the scar area for 10-15 minutes a day then wash it off, preferably at night so you can leave your skin bare for a while after you’ve washed it off. If you have loads of acne scarring, then you can always put pure honey all over your face like a mask for the same amount of time then wash off. When i had really bad breakouts i did this and it worked within a few days, they didnt go completely but it cleared up A LOTT.
Hope this helpss (:

James asks…

How to get rid of acne fast ?

Whats the fastest way to get rid of all acne and blemishes so that my skin is the same tone everywhere on my face ?

admin answers:

Use an asprin and a tablespoon of water and letting it become kind of a paste. Rub it all over your face and wash your face with warm water after a couple of minutes. It reduced reddness and swelling!

Robert asks…

My mom wants to take me to a dermatoligist and i dont wanna go?

I need a way to get rid of acne fast! i hate talking to people about my acne its weird. ive tryed like all of the acne medication and it really sucks to have acne im popular but still i feel ugly i need help! my mom wants to take me to a dermatoligist but i hate tlkin to ppl about it its soooo embarrising please help!!! btw im a girl!

admin answers:

Dermatologists went to school to talk to people just like YOU who are dealing with skin issues. It is no way embarrassing, after all, he or she found it interesting enough that they made their career dealing with skin. I had terrible cystic acne since i was 12, tried all of the creams, washes, everything over the counter. I also tried some prescriptions, the only thing that worked for me was accutane. BUT, if you are young, you need to try something else before accutane because it’s a serious drug. But in most people it takes away their acne forever.

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