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Thomas asks…

How can I get rid of body acne, FAST?

Hey guys! I am entering my first day of high school in 4 weeks and i need to get rid of my back acne fast! Our first, and last, unit of PE is swimming. Please help me, I need to get rid of my body acne as fast as possible!

admin answers:

You can use a body wash designed for acne on your back and you can try Benzac Ac gel on your back (get someone to put some on your back at night after showering) but make sure you wear old pyjamas because it might bleach them a bit

btw, it benzac ac isn’t availible in your country, you can use any cream or gel containing benzoyl peroxide

George asks…

Will doryx work faster according your body mass?

If you are small will it go through your body faster and get rid of the acne faster? Im just tired of acne :(

admin answers:

How fast your acne clears up with Doryx (doxycycline) depends on how severe it is. It has nothing to do with body mass.

Robert asks…

Good ways to get rid of blemishes?

I usually have very clear skin. I have good eating habits, but I am under a lot of stress right now so I am starting to break out.. is there anything extra I can do to help get rid of acne faster? I use facial wash every night and morning, so are there any tricks or creams I could try? I’d like to get my skin back to normal as soon as possible!

admin answers:

I had acne for about 3 years pretty badly on my back, and on the outer edges of my face. I watched a youtube video and did what this girl did and swear on my life, the very day i started the routine my acne cleared up day by day and now i only get the ocasional breakout from hormones or eating something greasy.
1. Buy a face wash that you like, clean and clear brands work pretty well and are affordable.
2. When you wash your face, dont just quickly do it, wash as if you are pushing the acne medicine in the soap into your skin, really massage it in otherwise youre just wasting time, you will notice how much cleaner your face feels if you wash it well enough.
3. Pick up an oil eliminating astryngent to dab on after washing with some cotton balls.
4. Use a small dab of clean and clear oil free moisturizer, one bottle will last you like 6 months because it spreads so thin.
5. Dont touch your face, or pick at it! Its so hard but you have to not touch your face. Pick up nail biting lol
6. Drink water, seriously, just stop drinking anything besides healthy juice, milk and water and your face will clear quickly.
7. Try to eat a little healthier, i ate fast food and just garbage for a long time and as soon as i only let my self have junk food like on weekends as long as i drank a lot of water with it i not only felt better i looked better, your skin is an organ after all and reflects how healthy you are on the inside.
8. Try to get a little sun, tanning the healthy way also dries out scne and will give you some color to hide and scaring you may allready have. Even hitting the tanning bed once in a while wont hurt.

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