Get Rid Of Acne Faster

Sharon asks…

How to get rid of Acne FAST?

okay so.
school starts in 2 days.
sunday and monday.
and then school on tuesday.
what’s a good way to get rid of acne fast?
i have about 12 pimples on my forehead.
i tried using toothpaste, facial cleansers, moisturizers.
My dad won’t buy me anything else, because i’ve spent alot of money of acne items.
So anything homemade and natural please.
Any masks?
Homemade cleansers?

Help please !

admin answers:

Take some aspirin. Dissolve 3 tablets into some water and make a paste. Exfoliate your skin with this paste–scrub, scrub, scrub. Then leave the aspirin on for 15-20 minutes, making sure the worst spots get a little extra paste. Then rinse with warm, then cool water.

Next, make some tea (green tea preferably)
Boil 1 cup of water
Add 2 tea bags
Put into the refrigerator until cold
Using a cotton ball, rub this all over your face during the day–constantly if you want! It is invisible, and is great under makeup. You can use the tea bags to reduce puffiness and circles, too! But do not contaminate the tea–you have to use cotton balls or start over.

RAW honey applied over the bumps also heals them!

Lisa asks…

How to get rid of acne fast and cheap?

I have acne on my forehead and a lil on my cheeks. Its not to the point where its very noticeable but i’d like to get rid of it fast. What are some fast cheap ways to get rid of acne?

admin answers:

Sitting in the sun …no joke

Robert asks…

Quick way to get rid of acne?

So, i’ve tried a ton of different fave washes, but none of them seem to help much. Any suggestions on how to get rid of acne fast?

admin answers:

Okay well allot of people have acne problems and when they try stuff like you said it just will not go away.

Well acne is caused by many things like
1) stress
2) dirty face
3)clogged pores
there are many ways to get rid of acne. You can wash your face two times a day, and when you touch your face you can wash it so you wouldn’t get dirt on your face.
Also DO NOT PICK AT ACNE!! This is a biggie. Most people cant control it but if you pick at your acne , you can spread acne and have scars.
Also another way is that studies say that when you sleep grease get son your pillow by your face or hair so you rub you face on your pillow the next day then POW more acne. Change your pillow case at least every other two days!
And then get medicated stuff to put on your face. Don’t give up just keep using it.
And if this doesn’t work, go to the doctors and they can give you stuff..
Hopefully this woks and you will have a clear face in no time!!
And SO if you need anything else just email me!! :) :)

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