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George asks…

What is the best way to remove acne scars fast?

What is the best way to remove acne scars fast?
anyone know anything that is good that can get rid rid of the acne scars fast maybe has worked great for you?

admin answers:

Laser resurfacing is the fastest way to remove acne scars.

Joseph asks…

How can i get rid of Acne FAST!!!?

h i need to get rid of my acne fast and need to have it gone by tommorow i need some help is there anything that can get rid of it fast i have it kind of bad.

admin answers:

Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, use a toner, and moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. I am using the Clearasil 3 step Acne system (find at local drug store) and I have noticed an improvement.

Robert asks…

What is the best facial cleanser that gets rid of acne fast?

I don’t have bad acne, I just have frequent breakouts because I play lots of sports. I need to know the best acne facial cleanser that works, but not proactiv because I can’t afford it. What other facial cleansers work well and get rid of acne?

admin answers:

It really depends on your skin type, but you need something that unclogs your pores w/ benzoyl peroxide as a main ingredient. Proactive is good but the ONLY thing that works for me, since i play sports alot too, is Clean & Clear Deep Clean. It is in a blue and white and green bottle and it really works. It showed a MAJOR difference in 2 days!!! Not joking. It sounds like a commercial lol but it really works! It doesnt take long touse it. Every mornin and night but it is fine if you do it once a day. My breakouts aren’t NEARLY as frequent and when i do have one, there isnt as many pimples. Ok hope i helped! You should really try it since you play sports!

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