Get Rid Of Acne Faster

Paul asks…

If I take birth control and Tetracycline will it help my get rid of my acne faster?

I’m taking birth control for acne
and now starting to take Tetracycline.
I was wondering if taking both would help get rid of my acne faster?
Or should I just take one or the other.

admin answers:

Are you a dude? If you are LOL!

If your a girl, repost this in the women’s health category!

Next time choose the right category!

Lizzie asks…

Whats is the best and the quickest way to get rid of acne?

II break out between my eyebrows and on the apples of my cheecks. How do I get rid of acne FAST and help stop it from coming back???

Please help!!!

admin answers:

Apply lemon juice and honey

Joseph asks…

How do I get rid of body acne FAST?

i REALLY Need to get rid of body acne fast! Like its alover my arms and thighs and on my stomach?

admin answers:

Take a dip in scalding hot oil. I guarantee that the acne will be gone.

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