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Laura asks…

How do you get rid of acne homemade treatment?

I want to get rid of acne but without all that expensive stuff like proactive your help is much wanted thanks

admin answers:

Here are some homemade treatments for getting rid of acne:

1)Fenugreek is a productive ingredient to heal acne scars. You can make a paste out of fenugreek leaves and use it as a face mask. You can even boil Fenugreek seeds, also known as Methi seeds, blend them in a fine paste and store it in a cool place. Use this paste on acne blemishes, leave it on for 15-20 mins and wash it with cool water.
2)Apply Lemon juice on your acne scars with a cotton pad. Leave it on the affected area for a while, let your skin absorb the lemon juice, and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Lemon juice acts as a natural bleach in improving the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them.
3)Sandalwood and rosewater paste is another remedy that can be utilized as a facial mask and can be directly applied on the scarred area. Leave the paste on for more than an hour(leave it overnight if you can). After that wash of the mask completely using cold water. This is proven to be an effective method to treat acne blemish.
4)Olive oil is truly a miracle substance that helps in nourishing your skin. Regular application of Olive oil not just helps in decreasing acne scars but also helps from future breakouts. Massage the oil on affected parts of your skin every day. It has moisturizing properties that soften the texture of your skin and reduce the prominence of your acne scars.
5)Cucumber is great in keeping the skin smooth and supple. Many distinct cosmetic beauty products often have cucumber as a key ingredient in it. Furthermore Indian gooseberry lotions and creams are apt for reducing acne scaring and outbreaks.
6)Choose lightweight, non-greasy, oil free cosmetics. There are a range of make up products that helps effectively in covering the acne scars temporarily.
7) Tea tree oil is a great ingredient to reduce the acne scars. This oil is imported from Australia and is widely used for healing acne scars and furthermore prevents any outbreaks in the future. 8) Most of them also use ice cubes to get rid of their acne blemishes at home. Wrap an ice cube in a cotton cloth and rub it on the affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes every day. This should reduce the inflammation on your skin, thereby helping in make it smoother. This is one of the best natural acne remedy.
9)Aloe Vera is a routinely used natural remedy to decrease acne blemishes. The Aloe Vera plants are well known for their magical proficiency to help mend scars and cuts. Aloe Vera juice is widely used in healing acne scars as well as fight breakouts. By applying Aloe Vera juice regularly on the affected area helps in toning the skin color.

Mark asks…

How do you get rid of acne and pimples on your body and face?

Ok so I have really bad acne and pimples on my body and face… How can I get rid of them and prevent them from coming back? I went to a Doctor and he gave me a prescription to clear them up but my Mum doesn’t believe in treating acne and pimples so I could go get it… How old do you have to be to buy it if I can get my hand on the prescription? I am 17 and live in syd aus… Or is there any other way I can get rid of acne and pimples? recommend any products I could buy at local shops?

admin answers:

Do you want to get rid of acne for good and have clear and healthy looking skin? Millions of people suffer from mild to extreme cases of acne every day. Acne causes lower self-esteem, poor confidence, and can hinder the development of relationships with those you want to look your best for. With thousands of options available, it can be frustrating determining which acne treatment is right for you.

So we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will allow you to treat your acne naturally without having to worry about scars or burns from medications. You’ll clear up current and prevent future outbreaks. You’ll treat your acne fast with a safe and effective proven home remedy method. You’ll look your best and have confidence in social situations.

Susan asks…

How can I get rid of acne in a few hours?

I have like 5-6 little tiny pimples and they are only on my nose, nowhere else. I have recently talked to a doctor about my acne because I have never had ANY in all my life till now. But I was told I’m fine. What are some tricks to get rid of acne in a few hours or at least make them less noticeable. I have no time to get anything for it at the store, so please recommend stuff I can use that I can probably find around my house!

admin answers:

1-Don’t pop or touch it: This had to be the first point. When faced with acne in an emergency situation, we often start messing with it and try to pop it. This will only increase the swelling, cause scarring and may not leave your skin blemish free, which is basically what you wanted.

2-Toothpaste: Toothpaste acts as a spot treatment for acne. Use white toothpaste, not gel, apply it gently on the acne affected area. Leave the thin layer on for about 5 minutes and then wash it off. The toothpaste will dry out the excessive oil and kill the bacteria. This is always the first ever thing i do to get rid of acne whenever i spot an acne on my face.

3-Ice Pack: Like any other swelling, ice works wonders on the swelling due to acne as well. A few ice cubes in a piece of cloth and dab your skin with it for 20-30 minutes. The cool compression will bring down the swelling and redness.

4-Egg whites: This is more of a kitchen based home remedy. Wash your face with a gentle but cleansing face wash. Dab it dry and apply only the white of the egg on your face. Leave it on till it dries. Once the entire layer of egg white is dry, peel it or wash it off. Not only will the pimple be smaller, your skin will looks firmer and glowing.

5-Lemon: As you might have heard, Lemon works well for acne. Cut a lemon into halves, use the exposed portion of the lemon, rub it gently on the affected area. It will clear out all the bacteria, cleanse the skin and stop the acne from increasing. Simply put, it will dry out the zit and make it almost disappear.

6-Cinnamon and Honey Mask: Honey is an age old home remedy for acne. Take some cinnamon powder and mix it with honey, making a smooth paste. Now apply the paste on the affected area (or the whole face if you feel like it). Leave it on like a mask till it dries out completely. Once you feel its dry, wash it off gently. The honey should have taken down the swelling of the acne, and the pack should have made your skin firm and soft.

7-Baking Soda: Acne is often caused when the PH balance of the skin is out of order. Mix baking soda with some water to form a paste. Apply it on the affected area. Leave it on for some time. Do not leave it on for too long. Wash it off in 5 minutes, and you will see a considerable improvement.

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