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Jenny asks…

How to get rid of acne and acne scars?

I know I could just look this up but there’s so many suggestions and some are really bothersome so could you help me out? I just want to know an easy way to get rid of acne and acne scars. I have a very bad habit of touching and scratching my face so I think that’s how my acne got worse. What kind of plan and what kind of remedy should I use? Do I wash my face with an acne wash or use something else that is cheaper? When do I wash my face? When will I be able to see results? I’m sorry for all these questions I’m just getting really tired of my face looking so dirty and disgusting.

admin answers:

I had acne very badly. Tried Proactiv forever, and all it did was jack up the oil level in my skin!

My suggestion to all of my friends and family is to use witch hazel extract. It is widely available, and sells for 1-3 US dollars–can’t beat that!

1: Wash your face with whatever face wash you want. I use Liquid Neutrogena, but my friend uses a grapefruit cleanser and this method works for us both!
2: Dry your face
3: Dip a cotton ball into the witch hazel so that a medium amount is soaked in. Not dripping, but don’t be stingy!
4: Apply the witch hazel to your face. Don’t push especially hard, just rub it on nice and easy.
5: Let the witch hazel dry.
6: You’re done. Ta-da! Unlike typical 3-step systems, this is cheap and does not require a lotion afterwards. Witch hazel will work with your skin’s Ph so that it isn’t drying.

I learned of this method from a youtube “beauty guru” type person. But my friend knows it from her dermatologist!

Frequency of use will depend on you. Use common sense: if your skin is getting overly-dry or overly-oily, adjust your usage of the witch hazel, of course! It’s not magic, but it IS effective, healthy, safe, affordable, and all-natural, if you’re concerned with that sort of thing.

I personally saw dark marks fading and reduction in acne within the week of using this, but I was already months into using my face wash dutifully morning and night, followed with a moisturizer. You will be starting without an existing regimen, so give it more time!

My cousin saw results within 4 days, but again, he was using his face wash very regularly, and was simply adding witch hazel to his routine.

Anyway, I hope that works for you, I’m confident that it will at least help. Acne isn’t cure-able, though, but at least the witch hazel killed my breakouts in record time! It helps decrease inflamation and it tightens the pores. Don’t use it alone, or you’ll be locking the dirt into your pores. They need to be clean in order for this to help!!

David asks…

What is the best product to get rid of acne?

I need to know fast I am getting acne and I don’t like it at all…. What is the best product to get rid of acne?

admin answers:

Hi Dear,

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Sandra asks…

What is the best diet system to follow to get rid of acne? is Acne Erasing Secrets the #1 system?

What is the best diet system to follow to get rid of acne? is Acne Erasing Secrets the #1 system?

admin answers:

Simple Herbal cure with no side effects: Cure Acne Overnight With Neem

2 methods:
Method 1) simply apply Neem powder paste to my acne before going to bed at night. It does really dries out the acne and make it almost disappear by the next morning.

How to make Neem powder?
All you have to do is, collect some neem leaves, wash them and allow them to dry in sun till there are crisp. Finely powder it in mixer and store it in an air tight container. This powder is really a magical powder which can be used in many beauty recipes.

Cooling face pack with Neem
Mix a teaspoon of Neem powder with little fullers earth (Multani Mitti) and rose water to make a thick paste. Cleanse your face and apply this paste over your face and neck. Dip a cotton pad in rose water and place it over your eyelids to calm down your eyes. Wash this pack after 20 minutes and moisturize your skin.Regular usage of this packs prevents pimples and bacterial infection. It also helps in fading the dark spots and improving overall complexion of the skin.

Method 2) All you have to do is, collect some neem leaves, wash them boil the leaves with some water and reduce it to half . Extract the boiled water and store it. With leaves make a fine paste.

Now use boiled neem water + tea tree oil ( 1-2 drops in use one from the body shop) and use a steamer take steam from that for 5-8 min… Once steam is done … Dry face and apply neem paste ( or neem+full earth pack) on face wash after 5 min. Apply oil free moisturizer ( clean and clear) if required in case skin is dry.

As for Diet:

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