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James asks…

Should you put lotion on dry skin on your face if you are trying to get rid of acne?

I am trying to get rid of acne and whenever i was my face it is a little dry, but i always thought that when your skin dries up it helps the zits go away.. so should i put lotion on it?

admin answers:

Use RETIN A for the acne and if it gets dry or peely use nivea :)

Thomas asks…

Is rubbing alcohol good for getting rid of acne?

i have some gross pimples. nothing really seems to get rid of them…except for chlorine in pool water…whenever i swim alot my acne goes away. well it seems that rubbing alcohol would work because it kills the germs. has anyone had good experiences with getting rid of acne with rubbing alcohol? thank you very much!

admin answers:

It can help. But only use it on the spots itself (witch Hazel is a alcohol based toner). Alcohol can be very damaging on your skin. But your best bet is to go and get a skin therapist to look at your skin and try a proper cleanser.

Joseph asks…

What are some natural ways to get rid of acne?

I’ve had terrible acne for as long as I can remember. My whole face is full of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. It’s red and irritated all the time, and nothing is working.

I’m allergic to benyzol peroxide, so I can’t use most store-bought acne treatments. I need some natural, but super-effective ways to be rid of acne. Store-bought treatments are good too, as long as they are benzyol peroxide free and relatively cheap.

admin answers:

Tea tree oil. It works very well and you can get it at most stores.

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