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John asks…

Does baking soda really help get rid of acne?

I have moderate acne and scars and I’ve been researching about at home treatments because what my dermatologist has been recommending me has not been working. I’ve been using baking soda for a few days now and I’m not sure if it’s doing any good or if its a physiological thing thinking it is. Does it really help get rid of acne and acne scars?

admin answers:

I use baking soda as a abrasive cleanser..on my skin..maybe twice per year..
I would think–that useing it every day–would cause damage to your skin..
I doubt that acne..would be relieved by washing anyway..
Too much of anything can damage your skin.

Mark asks…

What kind of food can help to get rid of acne and prevent it?

I’ve heard that some foods will get rid of acne.

admin answers:

I have heard fruits packed with high antioxidents like Blueberries and pomegranets, also lots and lots of plain water helps flush your system and keep your skin looking lovely

George asks…

How can I get rid of acne and blackheads?

I need a home made ingredients to get rid of acne and blackheads. I’m 13 years old and I can’t wear makeup because I’m not aloud and I don’t have any money to buy creams to avoid them. So I need a home made ingredients to avoid acne and blackheads very quickly! Thnxx :)

admin answers:

I don’t know how to get rid of black heads, but I do know how to get rid of acne, but I kept on using the method I used against acne, and some how, even the blackheads started disappearing. I don’t know how though.

This is how I did it:-

1) Never eat junk food (It makes pimples grow. I think it’s the sugar in it, or something :/)
2) Take about 3 vitamin C tablets a day (to stop the growth of pimples. You don’t need to take food for healthy skin, if you take vitamin C, but if you want, you can take citrus fruits, like oranges and lemon)
3) Wash your face whenever it gets oily, after waking up and before going to back, with an anti-bacterial soap (I used dettol skincare soap)
4) Never touch your face with your hand or anything (if you want to touch your face, wash your hands first. It is important to have tissue with you, so that you can use them when you want to touch your face. Touching your face with your unwashed hand, or a slightly unclean clothe-which you might not see, can send bacteria on to your skin, and a pimple will grow)
5) Everytime after washing your face, dry it with a clean tissue, or a washed cloth (to avoid contact with bacteria)
6) Don’t use the same clothes to sleep, more than 2 days in a row, and change your bedsheets once a week (and don’t lie on your bed with sweat-it will make it dirty)
7) Never dry your face with the towel which you use to dry your body with, unless it is just-washed. Always use a clean tissue or clothe
8) Don’t apply different creams or gels on your skin (for me, it only made it worse)
9) Never pop or play with pimples. If you wash your face about 4 times with an anti-bacterial soap, everyday, and take 4 tablets of Vitamin C, everyday, the pimples will shrink and disappear (in about 2 weeks). Popping will make it even worse.
10) Avoid contact with anything which is not clean, with your face. Always try to keep your face 100% dry.
11) Never use the soap which you use to bath with, to wash your face.
12) Drink a looot of water (it my hydrolyze your skin, and works against bacteria)
13) Don’t apply make-up or face powder and stuff like that on your face. It makes it worse. Don’t apply anything on your hair, either. Even if face powder keeps your skin dry, you shouldn’t use it. It’s not anti-bacterial. And when you apply creams and stuff on your hair, after a few hours, some liquidish stuff start to get on your forehead and stuff.
14) Even if the pimples disappear, that doesn’t mean that you should stop following these steps. You should continue these steps until the pimples stop growing, naturally and permanently (that is, until you’re about 19 years old, maybe). If you stop following these steps, the pimples will start growing again.

Bacteria is what causes pimples to grow. You should avoid contact with bacteria and your face, completely. You should always use clean and anti-bacterial stuff. Vitamin C gives skin care. The vitamin C in citrus fruits is what gives you skin care. Water works strongly against bacteria (that is, if used a lot. About 17 glasses a day)

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