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Donald asks…

How to get rid of acne on your face and back?

I am trying to find a product that will help me get rid of acne on my face and on my back. I dont know which product to use any suggestions??

admin answers:

If you get just anything from the store it could make it worse.Try burt’s bees acne wash and acne lotion.This will help.And in the mean time don’t touch your face or scratch it.If you have a seriously big zit on your face just put a tissue over it so that the bacteria will come out.But if you keep popping pimple then you will be left with acne scars which takes allot longer to get rid of.Drink allot of water and change your pillow case every other day.And try what I tried the no dairy diet.I tried not eating any dairy except cheese and this helped a little but when I ate no dairy at all I got rid of all those lil bumps.They just seem to disappear.Also don’tobsesss over it by looking in the mirror all the time.Just leave it alone,wash twice a day and the redness will start to go away and then the bumps will.Some people have bad skin because of the hormones in milk and they don’t even know that that’s what’s causing it.And also eat healthy junk food has allot of chemicals and what not that will make you break out especially the ones with hormone injected milk in it.Hope this helps!

Susan asks…

whats the best way to get rid of acne without proactiv and seeing a dermatologist?

well whats the best way to get rid of acne at home with stuff you already have. and no i without seeing a dermatologist! so what do you think?

admin answers:


They have a page for reviews on different acne products you might find helpful. I’m using neutrogena right now and am seeing results.

Some home remedies I’ve heard of are asprin masks, applecider vinegar, toothpaste, look any up online. Good luck!

Donna asks…

What is a good veg diet that gets rid of acne but also good for building muscles and healthy for a teen?

plz suggest meals for the entire day, pure veg easy to get food items.wanna particularly build biceps and abs but also get rid of acne.Thanks.
oh, i am also skinny, not fat.can gain a few pounds. no problem.

admin answers:

Honestly, if you’re going to switch to a vegetarian diet, youre acne will most likely clear up because you’re not eating animal fats that can cause acne. Just make sure you’re washing your face with a face wash containing salicylic acid.
You cannot build muscle from eating food, however you can help gain and maintain muscles after working out by eating alot of protein. You can get this from fish, peanut butter, eggs or nuts.
Also, the darker the vegetable the better it is for you.
I would eat something like eggs for breakfast, carrots (clear up skin), maybe some cooked spinach mixed in with the eggs.
Beans, and soybeans (edamame) are great to snack on, as well as bananas – these all help build muscle
Peanut butter and jelly (try to find no sugar added) on wheat bread is good for lunch
Dinner could be pasta with tomato sauce and some mixed vegetables like mushrooms, green beans, and peas or corn

Hope I helped!

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