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Ruth asks…

How to get rid of my acne and scars?

I have really bad acne and acne scars on my back and my upper arms! they take forever to go away and when they do more show up in it’s place! Homecoming is coming up in about 3 weeks and I want to get rid of my acne on my back and arms. I don’t want to feel insecure wearing a dress because of my acne. How can I get rid of my scars and acne in 3 weeks? Oh and you should probably know I have sensitive skin.

admin answers:

The Following Tips Will Help Back Acne:

CLOTHING & BEDSHEETS: Don’t wear same clothes multiple times, has oil, sweat, bacteria on it that can cause breakouts! Wear clothes 1 or 2 times & wash it! While back is healing, wear looser fitting clothes, not ones that cling to body! Pillowcase, bedsheets, blankets have oil & bacteria on them, so wash them often!

SKIN PRODUCTS that work for one person may not work for another person, so always do small patch test for a couple of days to see how skin will react to product! Don’t quickly jump from product to product! Give skin a break before trying new product to prevent irritation! Always wash hands before applying products! Only use oil-free products that won’t clog pores & cause acne!

WASH & MOISTURIZE BACK at least 2x a day, morning & night (and 3rd time, after exercising or sweating). Sensitive skin should use soft washcloth. NON-Sensitive skin should use soft washcloth & loofah/back brush. Only use loofah ONCE a day! Never use loofah on irritated, ruptured, broken skin! Using a loofah will exfoliate skin, remove dead skin cells, reveal newer skin, unclog pores, reduce acne breakouts.

1) Wash back with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar by Johnson & Johnson
2) Apply to back: Mix 1 part Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother (Try Bragg) with 5 parts pure water. Test small area! If burns/to drying, use more water! Use at least 1 part water! Less Water = Stronger, More Drying Formula. (You can use this vinegar full strength on your BACK ONLY, if skin can handle it). This vinegar kills bacteria, absorbs excess oil, dries out pimples, lightens scars, refines skin tone. Don’t use other types of vinegar, will not work!
3) Moisturize back with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly, its 99% organic, contains vitamin A, C, E! Aloe vera helps renew skin cells, heals blemishes/scars. Don’t use other brands of aloe, has very little aloe & to much junk in it which can irritate skin!

1) Wash back with ONE of these: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar OR Body Wash/Bar that has a low concentration (2%) of Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, or Sulfur
2) Moisturize back with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly (read info above)

1) Wash back with ONE of these: Dial Gold Anti-Bacterial Soap OR Body Wash/Bar that has a high concentration (5% or 10%) of Benzoyl Peroxide (PanOxyl Acne Cleansing Bar), Salicylic Acid (Neutrogena Body Wash), or Sulfur (Grisi Sulfur Soap)
2) Moisturize back with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly (read info above)

Six Things Must Be Done Everyday To Reduce Or Prevent Acne! Doing One Or A Few Of These Things Will Not Keep Your Skin Clear As Possible! Do The Following:

1) Wash, Tone, Moisturize Your FACE Everyday! Do this at least 2x a day, morning & night (possibly 3rd time, midday, if super oily/sweating). Natural & gentle products are sometimes more effective than acne medication, try this routine: Wash face with warm water & Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar. Tone face with Witch Hazel, try Thayers or Dickinson’s, its gentle, minimizes pores, heals acne. Moisturize face with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly, its 99% organic, contains vitamin A, C, E, heals blemishes/scars!

2) Keep dirt & bacteria at bay to prevent more breakouts! Don’t touch face with hands, Don’t let phone nor oily dirty hair touch face, Don’t lean face on objects, Clean glasses often, Wash pillowcase, bedsheets, blanket, washcloth, towel often. Wash hands before applying products! Use fresh makeup, not old makeup. Wash or replace makeup tools often.

3) Eat Healthy Food, Limit Junk Food! Always eat fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fiber, beans, wholegrains, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A & C. Limit intake of frozen meals, dairy, milk, fat, oil, butter, greasy/fried foods, sugar, candy, salt, dessert, caffeine, coffee, pop, alcohol. Always avoid cigarettes, tobacco, illegal drugs! The book, The Clear Skin Diet by Alan C. Logan & Valori Treloar has detailed info on what to eat & not to eat to help reduce or prevent acne & it explains the hormones involved in acne & how to control them with food!

4) Take A Multi Vitamin Mineral Supplement Everyday! Its hard to get all the vitamins minerals skin needs on a daily basis, so take supplement everyday! Overdosing on vitamins minerals whether from food or supplements is toxic & dangerous!

5) Drinking about 64 oz of Pure Water everyday improves skin quality, flushes out toxins, delivers nutrients to skin! You can also include 100% Fruit Juice as part of your daily total.

6) Doing 20 to 30 minutes of Aerobic Exercise everyday (or every other day) increases circulation & delivery of nutrients to skin cells, encourages good blood supply, helps remove toxins, controls acne breakouts! Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, after workout! Immediately take a shower to remove sweat and dirt!

Steven asks…

Which acne product is cheap and actually works?

Ive been getting breakouts from using Clearasil Ultra Gel and i want something else that will work. I want something thats less than $20. Also, what are all the product you will need to get rid of acne. For example, you need the face wash but thats all I know so what else do I need?

admin answers:

A good old Neutrogena face bar – that clear orange soap – been around forever for a reason. It’s like $2.50 a bar.

Donna asks…

How can I get rid of acne scars on my face without a prescription or anything?

I used to have really bad acne, and it left huge dark red scars all over my face. I have to wear a lot of makeup to cover them up all the time, and it gets really annoying. I don’t want to have to go to a doctor about it or anything. I just want a way to get rid of them naturally ? Any suggestions ?

admin answers:

Acne scars are the blemishes or the watery spots occurring on the skin and spoiling the smoothness of the skin. They get problematic owing to the delay in recovery. Some might prolong their stay on the skin forever. Though it is always advisable to see a doctor for acne treatment, one can even try some natural remedies for treating this acne problem. This natural treatment can certainly return the natural glow of the skin.

Drinking plenty of water: Quoting some experts, water is the best treatment available for acne scars. Water is an amazing cleanser and has rejuvenating properties too. Hydrated body helps to cleanse the dead skin cells from the body. Also, growth of the new skin cells is facilitated when there is enough water in the body.

Increase your intake of lemon juice: Citric acid, present in the lemon juice, is effective for treating acne scars. It facilitates rapid shedding of the dead skin cells; while also promoting the growth of the new and healthy cells.

Vitamin rich fruits and vegetables: People having acne must exercise an increased love for fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in essential minerals and vitamins that are helpful for restoring the natural beauty of the skin. The juices contained in the fruits help to maintain the water balance in the body. Thus a rich intake of fruits and vegetables is certainly a primary step towards getting a healthy looking skin.

Intake of balanced diet: Just like any other disease, a large part of the healing process depends on the diet. A nutritious and a balanced diet is a must for ensuring a healthy and a glowing skin. A healthy diet also supplies all the essential nutrients necessary for fighting the infections that can complicate the acne scars.

The application of Aloe Vera gel on the scars also helps in getting rid of the acne scars. Tomato is also helpful for treating acne scars as it contains Vitamin A that controls the overproduction of sebum that is primarily responsible for causing acne scars. The antioxidant properties of tomato are also responsible for rejuvenating the damaged skin.

Other treatments for acne can include using honey, fullers’ earth, rubbing ice cubes over the infected area or even using rose water. Following these natural remedies will certainly help you getting rid of acne.


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