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George asks…

How can I get rid of acne for good?

I’m 15 and have had bad acne since I was 12. I want to get rid of this acne forever or find some way to have little to none so its not noticable. I have access to the funds so money is not an option. Please DO NOT suggest Proactive Solution I have tried it and my acne is beyond what Proactive can handle. Anyone know of any ways to treat or hid acne?

admin answers:

Visit our website for more information regarding your skin concern. You can email us pictures so we can suggest skin regimens for your specific need.


Mark asks…

What is the best make-at-home-acne treatment?

I have semi-servere acne that wont go away even with medicines. What is a good treatment that I can do at my home to get rid of my acne forever?

admin answers:

Most acne that is persistent is due to your body producing too many hormones and your liver unable to break down those hormones. Whenever your liver is jammed up…it uses your skin to eliminate wastes (the skin is sometimes referred to as the 2nd liver). If you have persistent and severe acne it means that your liver is sluggish so it’s all coming out your skin. Try going to a health food store and getting a good liver cleanse kit that will help to strengthen the livers ability to detoxify what you take into your body. You should also have a strict diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats and…NO PROCESSED SUGARS!!…which also means NO white flour, NO white rice until your face clears up..then introduce other foods slowly to see how you react to them.

If you really want to see the effect food will have on your face…try eating nothing but cucumber for one day…as much as you can(eat at least 3 full cucumbers). Cucumbers are great at cleaning toxins from you blood and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your face will start to clear up and you won’t get any new zits

Donald asks…

What are some powerful acne treatments?

I’m suffering from severe acne, well to me it seems severe. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried several so called strong acne washes i can find to no avail. I even looked into acne medications to treat my acne. One of my friends told me that accutane will get rid of acne forever. I don’t really want to go to the doctor as it cost a lot of money i don’t have. Does any one know any other acne treatments that don’t require having to go to the doctor?

admin answers:

I understand your frustration. In some cases acne is very hard to get rid of and it’s difficult to find an acne treatment that works. There is so much stuff out there however everybody’s skin is different and not all acne product will work for everybody. Most face and body washes can help to keep acne under control but will not get rid of it. Acne is an internal problem and must be treated at the root. I would not recommend using accutane as it is expensive and not to mention dangerous. It’s been believed to cause intestinal problems as well as suicidal thoughts. Although it is important to treat acne on the surface it must be stopped internally with dieting and hormonal balance. There’s more about the causes of acne and acne treatments at hope it helps you.

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