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Chris asks…

How to get rid of HUGE acne scars?

How can I get rid of acne scars and big pores. I have a couple huge acne scars on my face, with huge pores around it.

admin answers:

Let’s face it, acne can be problematic for people of all ages. But the people that have had the roughest are teenagers, and that’s because of the fact that their bodies are going through different hormonal imbalances. Majority of people will agree that the worst thing that could possibly happen why you’re dealing with your acne is getting acne scars. These scars don’t only look bad, but they can deal a huge blow to your self-esteem.

As if it wasn’t a huge milestone to get through the acne problems itself, now you have to figure out a way of how to get rid of these hideous scars. Common questions are “what kind of acne scars are there? And how in the hell do I get rid of them?”

There different types of acne scars which can cause severe damage to your skin:

Ice pick or boxcar scars will mainly show up around the cheek area. You can notice that you have boxcar scars by their size, which is relatively small, but they can be very deep. Atrophic scars are also pitted, but they are smooth to the touch. The last kind of scar that you may get is called hypertrophic scars and they are generally seen on your back and shoulders. You can identify them by their thick, lumpy look and they seem to sit on top of the skins surface.

Home treatments for the removal of acne scars:

o You could try rubbing sliced tomato’s on your skin, as this helps closing open pores and can save you from oily skin.

O Acne pores can be closed by applying cucumber juice.

O Try using a sandalwood paste onto scars, as this can help fade away.

O The more expensive way to go about it may be too you have skin surgery, skin grafting or laser treatment.

It is important to remember that removing scars will not happen overnight, and it may even be ongoing process. So take time to learn the right way is of getting rid of acne scars forever and allow yourself to be patient in getting rid of them………

Lisa asks…

How can you get rid of acne quick?

I’m trying to reconstruct myself before the new school year begins :) so any tips on how I can rid of my acne before August? Thank you <3 oh, I use Stridex maximum Pads. They work but my mom takes forever to buy more when I need them so my face goes back to how it was before. And they also dry my face out.. Oh, and blackheads? I have them really bad on and around my nose.. (acne is on shoulders, chest, back, and face)

admin answers:

Well if you say quick then only a dermatologist can help you. You can go and look at your local retail store for acne oil free face wash like nutragena brand, etc. But is best if you see a dermatologist before august. Right now you have plenty of time until august. Yes beside that. Why don’t you follow this method.

Avoid alcohol products to tone your skin. Alcohol is a strong astringent that strips the top layer of the skin causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Do not squeeze or pick the acne with fingernails, pins or any other thing. It forces the bacteria deeper into the skin and often leaves a permanent acne scar.

Exercising regularly can also help reduce stress and it increases blood circulation and oxygen penetration to the skin, which may help with acne prevention.

Drink plenty of water a day to help “detoxify” the body from the inside out.

Consume food rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E and Zinc like eggs, nuts, liver, milk, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Proper sleep and a life without stress and emotional anxiety can reduce acne.

William asks…

How to get rid of acne forever and finally come off benzoyl peroxide?

had persistent acne that would not go away for a full year

finally found a regimen that works

now i’m able to easily and successfully clear my face with benzoyl peroxide. however, my face will not stay normal. i have to keep using benzoyl peroxide or it comes back full force.

i don’t want to use benzoyl peroxide forever b/c i’ve heard it ages the skin prematurely. my skin is already starting to look wrinkly, tired, saggy, weak and pourous. Can you give me any advice?

admin answers:

You need to age

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