Get Rid Of Acne In A Week

Paul asks…

How can I get rid of acne in two weeks?

I need to know how to get rid of my acne without washing my face every day or buying expensive treatments. I have a Neutrogena face wash that I use when I shower, but that doesn’t help much.

admin answers:

Beside advising you to see a dermatologist. Why don’t you follow this method.

Avoid alcohol products to tone your skin. Alcohol is a strong astringent that strips the top layer of the skin causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Do not squeeze or pick the acne with fingernails, pins or any other thing. It forces the bacteria deeper into the skin and often leaves a permanent acne scar.

Exercising regularly can also help reduce stress and it increases blood circulation and oxygen penetration to the skin, which may help with acne prevention.

Drink plenty of water a day to help “detoxify” the body from the inside out.

Consume food rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E and Zinc like eggs, nuts, liver, milk, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Proper sleep and a life without stress and emotional anxiety can reduce acne.

George asks…

how can i get rid off acne without expensive store brand? simple effective tips or naturally?

I need a solution to get rid off acne. my skin is oily and it gets on my chest and back. can some one give me advise. benzoil peroxide and major store brand stuff like proactive and other so called acne cleansers mess my skin up worse. i need something easy and simple yet effictive is there any solution out there PLEASE HELP ( i got a job interview next week!) THANKS!

admin answers:

I suppose everyone’s different, but what worked well for me was to wash with soap and water; leave soap on my face and let it air dry. Later, wash it off. I think the drying soap loosened a lot of the oil in my pores, I noticed that I got many fewer pimples.

Maria asks…

How to clear up back acne in a week for prom!? Please help me?

Prom is this weekend and I have acne on my back! It’s not severe but it is noticeable. What products do you recommend for getting rid of surface acne in a week?

Please and thank you!

admin answers:

There are 4 things I can advise you, that helped me get rid of all my acne (I had it everywhere; on my forehead , cheeks, chin, chest, back…god….).
1) Use a mild version of PanOxyl (Antibacterial Acne Aquagel) OR Benzac5, which you can find at any pharmacy shelf. These 2 work very well and they are gentle on your skin.
2) Make a mago mask. Scoop out the pulp, and smear it on your back for 10-15 minutes. Mangoes are widely known to unclog pores and get rid of acne. (Eating them also helps, as they have many vitamins that help clear the skin).
3) Lay off sugar and dairy. Both of these cause an upsurge in hormone imbalance, which triggers overproduction of sebum oil, which results in more acne. I would suggest you also avoid processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol.
4) Use avocado oil (virgin, cold pressed) as your moisturizer. It’s very good for your skin, absorbs fast (you can wear it before you go out), and fights sun damage, acne, scars, etc. I suggest this because apart from being effective, it’s 100% natural. Many products (that you probably also use) are not very good for your skin, and can actually be clogging your pores and damaging your face in the long run.

There is also a chance that you may have some food allergies, as acne is sometimes the sign of this. Get an allergy test done just in case.

Make sure to try all these 4 things out on a daily basis (try not to pick and choose, as one treatment by itself is never as efefctive as if it were partnered with another).

Also, don’t clog you pores with any other products, like makeup, lotions, perfumes, etc. A lot of these serve as culprits too.

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