Get Rid Of Acne In A Week

Ken asks…

How to get rid of acne marks quick?

I’ve asked this question before and no one answered…

I’m a guy and I have two weeks before I have a big event, and I need to get rid of red acne marks on my forehead. I currently have Retina-A, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tazorac gel & cream, Benzyl Peroxide Acne wash, and lemons. Which one would be the fastest to get rid of acne marks? And don’t worry about pain, I have a good reaction to creams like Tazorac, never felt pain from it.

admin answers:

40 grit sandpaper.

Charles asks…

How can i get rid of acne for good?

Ok so iv been on this acne medication for 3 years, and yes it does clear up my face, but i cant sweat, work out, or go a few weeks without my skin breaking out again. i really want to get rid of acne for good, i really hate looking in the mirror and seeing it. advice please, im 16 years old

admin answers:

I’d get off the medication and let nature take its course.

Donald asks…

How do I get rid of acne within a week?

School starts in 8 days and I would like to get rid of my acne. I have oily skin and hair. I have large, painful cysts on my back and many scars on my chest. I don’t know what I have on my face, but it’s itchy and a lot less painful than my back.
8 days, not three! I do wash my face, twice a day. I shower daily.
Oh yeah, they’re stress induced. A lot have gone away since school ended.

admin answers:

Get good sleep. Stress increases your skin’s oiliness, which, combined with sweat and dirt, can clog pores and cause pimples. (Change your pillowcase frequently.)

Acne medications may cause your skin to initially break out worse than before because all FDA-approved acne medications (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur) are causing your skin to regenerate faster. This brings existing acne pimples already under your skin (but not visible yet) to the surface, which in turn causes a massive but fortunately temporary break out. Give the medications time to work — about one to two weeks — and you will notice a big difference in the quality of your skin.

See a dermatologist if over the counter remedies do not work. They specialize in skin care and can prescribe you medicines that help you improve it.

Drink plenty of water. Staying well hydrated can help your condition improve, because the “waste management” control system in your body requires a lot of water to do its job. Without enough water, the body has difficulty removing some waste products efficiently.

Look for face washes which contain the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. This is the key ingredient in some of the best face washes. Use a 5-10% benzoyl peroxide of mild to moderate acne and 10% for severe.

Take Care…

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