Get Rid Of Acne In A Week

Charles asks…

How do I get rid of acne within 2 weeks?

I have acne problems and I want to get rid of my acne before school starts…

admin answers:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne wash. It REEEAAALLLY helps! Plus, it helps to prevent acne. All of your acne might wash away but you may have a bit of minor acne left (depending on how serious your case). Don’t use Proactiv, it’s for more serious cases and it might be too strong for a regular teenager (you’re probably my age).

Use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne wash/scrub, or the Neutrogena Deep Clean (normal to oily skin) wash/scrub. It’s cheaper and equally as effective as Proactiv.

About what the girl said about going on antibiotics, it is highly unneccessary for you to take antibiotics to reduce the chance of bacteria clogging your oil glands (that’s how pimples are formed). Antibiotics can very well lead to bacteria that survive and then become immune to the drug. Some antibiotics do have side effects, and by using antibiotics, you’re not only killing bad bacteria but good bacteria. Most bacteria are actually good for you not bad, and you don’t want to kill them. Just get the facial cleanser, cheaper and safer than taking HIGHLY UNNECCESSARY drugs. Also, the acne may be genetic or is forming due to what you eat, lessen on the oilies, go for healthier things (meaning less chips missy!).

Sharon asks…

How can i reduce acne in about 1 week?

I have a combination of acne scars and white heads (forehead, around nose, and chin). School’s starting in a week and I want to improve my acne as much as possible. What are some good ways to get rid of acne that will 100% work?
Please help!

admin answers:

I know this sounds crazy but its been working for me. It was in the Dear Abby section of the Florida Today paper a few days ago. This boy had bad acne and tried every possible acne cream and treatment and 3 doctors. Nothing work. They spent 1000′s of dollars. Finally a friend told them to try Phillips Milk of Magnesia. That is known as laxitive medicine. His face cleared up in a about a few days to a week. Another girl tried this and it successfully worked. I am trying it and its been like two days and the top portion of my acne is gone. Make sure you do keep proper hygiene by showering, that makes a big difference.

Robert asks…

How to get rid of acne in a week?

School starting soon and i need a product that will get rid of mild acne. Like blackheads and zits. Anything you know that I can get at the store? Product name and price and where I can get it would be great! Thanks

admin answers:

One week might be expecting a bit much but you can get a huge difference within one week with:

ClearPores – in the morning

Exposed Skin Care – at night

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