Get Rid Of Acne In A Week

Mandy asks…

Different ways of getting rid of acne in a week?

I have school pictures next week and i want 2 kno if anyone has some cheap and easy ways to get rid of acne QUICK. Or give me sum really great coverups and makeups i can use if it dosent work. thanx guys :)

admin answers:

Kay, so try either oxy cleansing pads or spectro both are amazing!! Do not use any other acne meds with them tho, and cover up, i suggest almays liquid one. Its really good, and covergirls powder, its in the silvery case. Yaaa, um…….thats really it!

Susan asks…

Is there any way u can get rid of acne in a week and a half?

my older sis has acne n she wants to know if i know of anyway to get rid of acne quickly . I have an acne clearing system but im almost done with it . so if theres any home remedies or somethin like dat what are some?

admin answers:

1. Cleanser – to wash your face.
2. Toner – remove traces of dirt, makeup, cleanser residue and excess oil.
3. Moisturizer – hydrates and softens the skin.

Exfoliating scrub: Use once or twice a week, scrubs dead skin cells off. Leaves skin soft and clean.
Mask: Any type of “mask” that is used to clean up dirt, shrink pores, help with blackheads and acne, etc. Can be used once or twice a week.

*I would advise your sister to use the “three main things” morning AND night, to get faster results. Once her skin starts to get better, she can start using it just at night.

She should start to see results after a week or 2.

Chris asks…

What is the quickest way to get rid of acne?

No one likes getting stuck with acne for more than a few weeks. What is the quickest way to get rid of acne, without buying expensive products?

admin answers:

The tricky part about acne is that the problem can actually become worse if you overmedicate. That’s because acne medication can overdry the skin, causing a boost in your skin’s Sebum (oil) production. This results in…you guessed it – more acne.

So what’s the long term solution? Find gentler solutions or even natural acne cures that won’t shock your body into more breakouts. Here’s what I recommend:

- Use a glycerin based facewash. Glycerin is gentler and will balance the ph levels in your skin.
- For body acne, try using an antibacterial soap to slowly dry out the skin. If your skin gets too dry, switch to a moisterizing soap like Dove to counterbalance the effect.
- Wash your face only 2 times a day max and gently pat dry with a towel.
- Use a gentle face moisterizer if the glycerin based face wash drys you out too much.
- Eat almonds, fiber, drink lots of water and avoid excess sugar intake.
- If acne medication isn’t working or causing new breakouts, try applying egg whites to the pimples at night before bed. This natural remedy works great.
- One of my favorite natural skin conditioners is wearing an “oatmeal mask”. The oatmeal with smooth your skin while simultaneously absorb toxins and oils from your pores.
- Lemon juice also dries up pimples and kills any bacteria in the infection.

For more great remedies, check out the Source link Below.

Best of Luck!

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