Get Rid Of Acne In A Week

Donald asks…

what is the best way to get rid of acne in 2 weeks?

are there any remedies that i can use to get rid of acne in 2 weeks

admin answers:

Acne Remedies, Please

Do any readers have any home remedies for acne? My daughter is getting at that age and our insurance will not pay for expensive treatments. Any ideas?
William B.

Easy Non-Toxic Acne Remedies

Here are a couple of non-toxic, relatively inexpensive acne remedies to try:

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to affected areas at bedtime; let stand overnight; repeat every night for a week.
With a cotton ball, apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil to affected areas.
These ideas probably work best on mild acne situations, mostly on the face and chest.

Wards Off Vampires, Too!

Simply rub fresh cut garlic on the affected area and it dries up almost overnight. The smell is powerful so it is best to use it just before going to bed. I know it sounds crazy but look in almost any herb book and you will find out it is highly recommended for getting rid of acne.
J.Z. In Wisconsin

My Son’s Acne Solution

We have found that a mixture of olive oil & salt works very well. Make a paste, and wash with it. Use this daily at first, then maintain with 2 or 3 times weekly. My 13 year son swears by it. I know, you think ‘oil’, but try it, it does work.

Guard Skin Carefully

Reader could try Emu oil for his daughter. It is supposed to heal burns and blemishes quickly and help fade scars that you already have. Also works well on stretch marks. Rub a lemon slice on face nightly to help cut the oil and dry blemishes. Make sure all make-up and moisturizers used on her face and neck are noncomedogenic. This means that it won’t clog her pores. I found that Neutrogena has several good products that are over the counter. I have had problems since I was 11 and have tried many remedies.

Overall Skin Care

I highly recommend that you read Paula Begoun’s “The Beauty Bible” (available at libraries). She has an excellent chapter on dealing with blemishes and oily skin. Several of her ideas are effective and cheap. Milk of Magnesia makes a great oil absorbing facial mask and hydrogen peroxide is an excellent toner/disinfectant (and it doesn’t dry your skin like witch hazel or other astringents). You can also use baking soda as a facial scrub. Paula also rates facial cleansers for oily/blemish prone skin in her book “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” She gives a lot of information on her web site Above all make sure your daughter doesn’t use too many drying products to treat blemishes — they’ll only make things worse!
Kristan M.

OTC Acne Remedies

There is a Johnson & Johnson product on the market called Clean & Clear oil-free dual action moisturizer, which costs less than $ 4.00 for a four ounce bottle. It contains enough salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxyl acid) to slough off the dead skin cells without all the accompanying redness and dryness. Allow at least two to four weeks to notice improvement.

Any alpha hydroxyl skin lotion (like Alpha Hydrox, etc.) will also help to remove the dead skin cells and keep acne blemishes at a minimum. These products need about two to four weeks of use to notice a difference.

Any eye drops with the redness reliever, tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, applied to individual blemishes with a cotton swab helps to reduce the redness of the blemish so it is less noticeable!

Zinc Supplements

Zinc supplements taken on a daily basis will help clear-up and/or prevent acne in many people. It’s inexpensive, and even the generic brand works.
Rebecca B

Soft As a Baby’s…

We just recently tried a suggestion for acne. My daughter reports that it works well and fast. The product to try, is mainly marketed for infant diaper rash, DESITIN ointment.

What Worked for Me

AS a girl growing up I never had acne As I got older in my 20′s I got a bad case of it. I tried everything on the market, nothing worked, finally my grandma said try washing face with glycerin soap 3 times daily,(morning, after work, then right before bed) and zinc oxide (tube cream) on my acne right before bed. In 3 days I saw a major difference, no scaring, no pits. Very nice. The best thing is it only cost $3.00.

Hope this helped! Good luck! <3 (acne can be such a bitch!)

Ruth asks…

what can i do to get rid of acne in a week and a half?

I have little pink/ red bumps and black heads on my face and i need to get rid of them FAST. Im sick of them being on my face. I eat right, drink plently of water, and work out almost everyday of the week. So please does anyone know any natural remedies or products i can buy to help get rid of my acne??

admin answers:

Acne is an embarrassing skin condition that is characterized by whiteheads, blackheads and cysts.

There are many lotions that can treat acne, but these products can contain ingredients that can irritate the skin.
Fortunately,there are many quick acne home remedies that can be made using simple ingredients that can usually be found in your kitchen.

These recipes are very simple to make and use. In addition, they are very effective in combating those dreaded pimples!

George asks…

What is the best way to prevent and get rid of acne?

I don’t always have acne but every few weeks I break out on my face like around my chin mostly and sometimes between my eye brows. They usually start out as really small bumps and then turn into huge white heads by the next day and i hate it because it looks horrible. I was just wondering if there are any products out there that actually work for preventing and getting rid of acne.

admin answers:

I used to have acne really bad but I started using Dr. Brandts Poreless Line, and it has worked wonders on me. I buy the travel kit and it usually last me about a month and a half. Also I cut back on sugar, which has helped tremendously. I also smoke, and for some reason smoking clears up my skin really well, lol, but i wouldnt suggest it.

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