Get Rid Of Acne In A Week

Daniel asks…

How do you get rid of your acnes?

I want to know how u got rid of acnes. Any home remedies… Do bio oil works? What should I do? I really need to get rid of my acne in about four weeks.

admin answers:

Don’t spend loads of money on products that say they get rid of acne or make it “less noticeable”. Acne just goes when it wants to, the best thing you can do is make sure you stay clean and hygienic.

Robert asks…

What kind of honey helps get rid of acne?

do all kinds of honey help get rid of acne?? i need to get rid of acne. im always getting acne in the same spots. in a week a lose the pimple then the next week its there. its so irratating. it would help if you told me how to get rid of acne with things i could find at home.

admin answers:

Manuka honey is the best for acne. Try to use at least UMF 15+ and above.

Sandra asks…

Is it true that mixing lime juice with sugar and leaving it on your face for a few minutes gets rid of acne?

I saw somewhere that if you take a fresh lime, squeeze it, put the juice in a cup, then mix with some sugar, and put it on your face for a few minutes for about a week it will get rid of acne. The only like bad thing about it was that it stung very bad. Just wondering if it would actually make pimples, black heads, and zits dissapear.
I tried proactive for about half a year. It didn’t do anything, so I moved onto a new product. I’ve also talked to my doctor about it. He wouldn’t give me a prescription for anything because he said “it’s not serious enough”. He then told me to try like Stridex pads which didn’t work either.

admin answers:

Acne is usually treated with antibiotics to get rid of resulting scars and cysts as soon as possible. In case of severe acne dermatologist prescribe oral acne drugs especially isotretinoin which unblocks pores and prevents pimples. Following are some widely used remedies for treating acne:

Aloe: The pulp of the aloe vera plant is used as a skin cleanser. It helps in reducing the scars and improving the complexion of the skin when used regularly twice a day for at least 6months or even longer. The juice of aloe vera plant is used to overcome infection and promote healing.
Apple cider vinegar: It acts as an astringent that helps wash out the pores and removes excess oil, fights bacteria, and balances the skin’s pH. It should be applied on the skin with a cotton ball or should be taken in the form of a steam.
Basil: Dried basil leaves along with boiling water should be applied on affected areas with a cotton ball.
Beans: Face wash made with the help of boiling green beans and dried chamomile flowers should be used at least three times a day in order to fight acne.
Carrot Juice: The oils present in carrot juice helps stop acne.
Cucumber: Apply cucumber liquid on the face or drink it daily for a clear skin.
Egg whites: It acts as an astringent, which should be applied on the skin for several hours.
Garlic: Raw garlic when rubbed on the skin treats acne.
Grapefruit seed extract: Solution of grape fruit juice and water should be applied on the affected areas using a cotton ball two or three times a day.
Lemon juice: Fresh lemon juice is very effective for treating acne.
Neem oil: Neem posses’ outstanding anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral capabilities. It is either applied on the skin in the form of a cream containing neem oil or is taken in the form of capsules two times a day.
Sugar: Sugar acts as an antibacterial agent, which should be used to Wash your face.

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