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Paul asks…

How do I get rid of Acne in month and half?

I’m a junior and my break is coming up as of June 2nd but I want my acne gone by senior year. I just want to have a good year. What are some ways to get rid of acne within that time period? Its from June 2nd-July 25th. Thanks for the help guys.

admin answers:

Get antibiotics from your Dr. Will clear you up in no time.

They proscribe antibiotics for bad acne. I always get some from my doc when I have a big event coming up when I want to be completely clear. You don’t want to be them long term though.

Also, try using a glycerin soap 2 – 3 x a day and use a non comodegenic lotion on the area’s you are breaking out. Its what my dr told me to do. My face has cleared up completely using these products.


Face Lotion–/ID=prod6471-product?V=G&ext=frgl_Google_Beauty

Body Lotion

Still having issues with my back and chest :( But I’m thinking its because of my dryer sheets, so I’m going to stop using them. Dryer sheets contain animal fats which will clog your pores.

Joseph asks…

What can i use to prevent/rid of acne in 1 month?

i have 1 month to get rid of acne/prevent it. What will clear up my skin fast! What are some daily routines tips ect. Help!

admin answers:

The clearasil kit really works. It’s like a 4 step process you use on your face 2x a day. Using certain products in morning, and others at night. At a local store such as kmart, target, cvs, ect. It costs about $25. But it works REALLY well. I’ve used it for about 5 months and my skin is noticably clearer. GOOD LUCK! :)

Sharon asks…

What is the best thing to get rid of acne?

I’ve been having acne for a long time. I’ve been using products but they don’t seem to work really. What is the best thing to use to get rid of acne quick? School is comin up soon and i really want to look good. and get rid of my acne for sure.

admin answers:

Some acne is easily cared for with over the counter remedies. However, long time acne may be a condition such as hormonal imbalances.

Azelaic acid (brand names Azelex, Finevin, Skinoren) is suitable for mild, comedonal acne.

Zinc. Orally administered zinc gluconate has been shown to be effective in the treatment of inflammatory acne, although less so than tetracyclines.

Witch Hazel has also been known to help treat acne suffers because of its astringent properties.

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