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Betty asks…

What are all the things I need to get rid of acne?

I have combination skin. I’m asking for particularly walmart/drugstore products.
What I mean by all the things to get rid of acne is by all the things I need to buy to get rid of acne.
Like … moisturizer, cleanser… and what type I need.
If it helps, my forehead is normal, but has mild acne. My cheeks are clear, but I have distracting pimples between my eyebrow/eyes. My nose is rather oily. . .

admin answers:


Visit www(dot)acnedied(dot)com

The cure to acne and scars involves more than just avoiding allergic type foods. It involves eliminating foregin matter within your body which manufactures toxins. The foreign matter is just that Foreign and causes the immune system’s efforts to solely be emphasised on the demanding situation. Once you eliminate the cause of acne which is NOT a bad diet, bacteria, or not cleansing enough ONLY THEN will you cure acne and all of its marks.

The body’s elimination channels involve

1. Lungs
2. Kidneys
3. Liver
4. Skin

The first 3 elimination channels are the basic channels used to excrete junk from the body but when their is so much junk in the body the body uses the skin for elimination. When the skin is used for elimination it cannot heal until the body uses only the primary channels of elimination.


Every thing is free, legitimate, truthful & guaranteed to work.

I wrote all the content from years of research & I’ve found this is the only way to cure acne.

Why doesn’t anyone know about this ?
Why doesn’t proactiv, clean and clear, nutreugena, clerasil, etc tell you about this ?

Imagine all the jobs that would be lost, all the profits that would be lost, all the greedy entrepreneurs out of jobs, acne surgeons out of jobs, etc.


Please help me out with things I can do to make the website better since I’ve only recently started and I want to get this out there so everyone knows the truth.

Don’t believe me ?
Google the phrase “Parasites cause acne”


Remember I am not selling you anything ;)
Can you say the same for the others ?
Would they comment if they weren’t going to benefit in some way ?

Why should you trust me…. Well as you can see I get exactly $0 from helping you and I’m glad :D

Please take care & question every single thing you see especially over the internet after all, these people are strangers even though we are all family & should be looking out for eachother.


Steven asks…

How can I get rid or acne and keep it gone?

I’ve spent tons of time trying to find a good way to get rid of acne but i can’t find any! I have acne on my face and back. It isnt really bad but i still want a clear face. What are good ways to get rid of acne and keep it gone. I can’t go to a dermatoligist and i can’t spend a bunch of money one something! so proactiv is definately out of the question plus it didn’t help me either! Please help!

admin answers:

This is best ever,

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James asks…

Have you heard of using toothpaste a baking soda to get rid of acne?

someone told me that a toothpaste and baking soda mask will get rid of acne… is that true? how do u make it how long should u leave it on if it really works and if u have any other remedies that are simple and can be done without having to spend more that 15 dollars i would be very thankful

admin answers:

I was watching the tyra banks show, and she said that toothpaste does NOT work, because of the fluoride and the whiteners in them, so no don’t use toothpaste. Now baking soda..i use that myself, but i don’ t think that will do anything about acne, more or less it will just smooth your skin. Instead i would use anything with salicylic acid like clean and clear, Clearasil, or anything else with salicylic acid will take away the zit, and don’t pop it!

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