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Lizzie asks…

What is the best product to buy to get rid of acne?

My acne lately has just been too much for me. I am really self conscious about my acne and it seems to just get worse and worse. So I need a store product that works really well to get rid of acne. I need answers that have been from personal experience, not just from what you have heard.
Thanks :)

admin answers:

Essential oils can play a significant role in skin care. Essential oils are very effective at treating acne because they are easily absorbed into the skin, they kill acne causing bacteria, dissolve sebum that causes blockages in the follicle but maintains the integrity of the skin. One very good and effective treatment for acne is ACNE TREATMENT, NATURAL PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND. This powerful synergistic blend can be achieve naturally without using harsh chemicals on the skin .The natural healing properties of the containing pure essential oils in this acne remedy allow them to effectively assist in treatment of skin problems, a friendly acne medication . Therapeutic properties of this natural essential oil blend helps to reduce redness and swelling and encourage disappearance of pimples and leaving no scars. People say before they used this product they tried all sorts of things for their skin (and they have been very expensive) but than the tried this natural pure essential oil acne treatment and they were so amazed. They said it cleared up the acne in 4 days. The good thing about this product, it is all natural and inexpensive (under $10).
The links show you more information about ACNE TREATMENT, NATURAL PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

James asks…

What gets rid of acne and stretch marks?

Well i have a few bumps on my face from acne, and i ran out of the white medicine i use so i was wondering is there any home remedies for the acne. I also have a few stretch marks and i was wondering how to get rid of those by any home remedies. Is there any things i have at the house to get rid of acne and stretch marks?
I would prefer to use natural herbs, or something you find in a house that is safe for your body than use money on products

admin answers:

The answer is microdermabrasion. It costs a fortune to do it in a spa/ dermatologist but you can do it yourself at home if you can get same abrasive crystals they use. Just google medical crystals to learn what to get and how to do it. My skin finally looks and feels healthy after years of struggle with stretch marks and acne.

Paul asks…

How to get rid of acne and redness?

Hello, I am a 15 year old girl who has moderately bad acne.
Everytime that i get rid of acne , I still have redness.
How do i get my face clear?
What wash is best to use.
I have tryed many acne washes; acne free, proactive, Clinic , the wave and Medicine from my doctor
nothing seams to work.
Please help!

admin answers:

What you eat has a much greater effect on your skin than any medicine/cosmetics! Eat healthy (make sure you’re eating plenty of steamed, cooked in hot water, or raw vegetables). Don’t pop your zits. I went on the raw food diet for a month and it cleared up my acne!!! You could try that out for a week or two and see if it helps. You might want to take a vitamin B12 and iron supplement though when you’re on the diet.

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