Get Rid Of Acne On Back

Sandra asks…

Which is the better path for getting rid of acne?

I think ive used about every possible way of getting rid of acne except for proactiv and going to some doctor about it…i hav the WORST possible acne in the world!! it is just impossible to get rid of it, and its not like i eat junk food all day too
anyway wat do u guys suggest that i do to get rid of this hideousness?

admin answers:

Don’t pick at your acne, this will just push bacteria deeper into your skin and could cause scaring.

Get some Clearasil Ultra face wash or some similar product. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Wash your face twice a day. Don’t touch your face unless you are washing it. Excessive touching of the face, will introduce bacteria and this will cause more acne.

Avoid carbs, and sugary foods. These foods will cause insulin spikes and this will cause the body to produce excess Sebum, the oil that accumulates on the face.

Start taking vitamins and minerals that will help cure your acne.

Betty asks…

How to get rid acne scars fast and cheap?

I want my fuckin scars gone and also that hyper pigmentation thing scars and marks. I use lemon it didnt rid of scars but rid of acne and lighten my skin.

admin answers:

Follow some tips:
•One has to go for boiling water with rose petals to bath every day.
•One has to Apply egg white on face for 10 minutes or until you feel it tighten. Then wash it with lukewarm water.
•One has to apply an ice cube on the targeted area.
•One has to Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to solve acne problems.
•One has to apply thin slices of potato on face for 30 minutes.
•One has to apply papaya juice on face.
•Apply lemon juice to the skin by maintaining proper pH value. The citric acid in lemons is a natural way to lighten the skin.
•Oatmeal, which is an exfoliating agent, is a natural way to even skin tone. This is because it breaks up dirt and bumps on the skin for more even surface and tone. But Before applying oatmeal to the face, mix it together with a bit of honey so that it is more of a paste.
•Honey can be used to even skin tone because it works as a moisturizer.
•Milk is a safe and natural way to get moisturized and lightened skin.

Nancy asks…

How do you get rid of acne on Your back?

How doyou get rid of acne on your back? Any ideas or regimens? Anything natural? I can’t go to the dermatologist at the moment so I’m looking for an alternative.

admin answers:

Aloe Vera. Not the powdered variety but the actual raw one if you can find it. If you want something natural, that is something that helps. Remove the tough outer skin from the leaf and use the inner gel like substance. Rub it on your back and leave it be for 15- 20 mins. Take a warm water bath, then clean with cold water to open up the pores. Now apply renova cream. I usually take it from these guys: as it has helped me for a while now. Not just cheap but get it in discreet packaging as well. Anyhow you can buy renova from anywhere else, but that is a regimen that I have tried for my back. Have had bad acne for years now. Acne on back was not that severe but i tried this regimen since last few months and it has worked for me so far. Hope it works for you as well.

Jackie <3

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