Get Rid Of Acne On Back

Steven asks…

How to get rid of acne quickly?

I have some acne on my face and I want to get rid of them. I have acne on and around my nose, on my chin, on my forehead, and some around my lip.

What are the best products that get rid of acne?
What should I do for my face cleaning routine?
Any home remedies to get rid of acne?
Does proactiv actually work?
How good does proactiv work?
Anything else?

Links will help.

admin answers:

You could try some of these sites

Linda asks…

How to get rid of acne scars?

How to get rid of acne scars fast, naturally, overnight with the help of home remedies that I can apply fast at home to get rid of facial and body acne.

admin answers:

May be this site can help you

Donald asks…

How would you get rid of acne fast?

I need to get rid of my acne! I cant spend money on proactive or anything like that so im stuck. I already used tea tree oil,nutrogena,clean and clear and nothing is working. I just want to get rid of acne so i can feel pretty and no one will make fun of it.(which happens a lot). Someone help! PLEASE!

admin answers:

Hey, omg i tried out everything, i had very bad acne and was looking everywhere then i found something that actually helped clear my acne away within a month or less, the best advice is from those who have suffered acne as well, see for yourself, this girl had bad acne and blemish too…

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