Get Rid Of Acne Overnight

Laura asks…

How do i get rid of a DARK acne spot overnight?

I used the warm salt-water technique to get rid of my acne, but it only made my skin scar and not only that it turned DARK RED! I need to get rid of this over night anybody know any good home remedies that will help? please this is actually DARK colored?!?!

admin answers:

Hard to say. Some say that lemon juice or white vinegar will lighten the skin but I don’t know if that works as well on acne scars..

Steven asks…

How to get rid of acne overnight?

I need a remedy to get rid of pimples and blackheads in about a week or less

admin answers:

It’s not really hard to get rid of pimples and blackheads in a week’s time. If you follow these steps everyday for a week, you might see a significant reduction in your skin problems.

Start with tackling your pimples. For this, choose a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil that won’t strip away your skin oils triggering more oil production and thus, causing pimples.

At bedtime, apply this mask:
mix fuller’s earth or any natural clay, few drops of clove oil and few drops of lemon juice into a thick paste. Apply this mask thickly on your pimples and the area surrounding them. Wait till it dries and then wash it off. DO NOT dry your face using towels or face cloths. Instead let it dry in the air. This is to reduce friction that might worsen your pimples.
You can use this mask on the rest of your face as well but avoid the eye area.

After this, smear a thin coat of toothpaste on your pimples ONLY. Apply a 100% oil-free moisturizer on the rest of your face and go off to sleep. Maintain this routine everyday till your pimples do not heal.

Once the pimples have subsided (this will take 3-4 days approximately), start using baking soda to get rid of your black heads. Removing blackheads require proper exfoliation but since grained scrubs might aggravate your pimples, it’s best to avoid them. Instead, mix one part of baking soda with two parts of water to make a paste. Now apply it on those areas that have blackheads. Keep it on for 15 mins or till it dries, then wash off with some gentle strokes of massage. Air dry your face.

However, remember to use the pimple mask and toothpaste remedy on alternate days after your pimples have subsided. Also continue to use an oil-free moisturizer twice everyday.

This routine when followed regularly will definitely help you out.

Have a happy skin soon :)

Maria asks…

how do i get rid of acne overnight?

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m getting my license, I don’t have severe acne just a couple of bumps here and there but most are on my forehead though. How can i get rid of it overnight? I don’t want to be taking picture and have pimples all over my face.

admin answers:

I’ve had really bad acne all my life and have tried everything, and the one thing I’ve tried that has worked works VERY well. For me anyway. What you do is put some oatmeal in warm water, let it soak for 10-15 minutes and then put it all over your face and leave it there for about 20 minutes then rinse with cold/warm water. Hope this helps!

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