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Sharon asks…

How to get rid of acne overnight?

Ok im 13 and i have bad acne on my forehead. ive tried home remedies and products and stuff but nothing seems to work. i also have acne around my mouth and nose but my cheeks are totally clear. idk what to do…any suggestions?
Thanks! :)

admin answers:

Hydrogen peroxide is you primary line of attack against acne it kills the bacterea that cause acne and dries and burns off the old skin causing a new one to grow in its place which helps deal with another cause of acne, moisture. Plus it doesn’t hurt at all just smells really funny get a paper towel put some peroxide on it and rub it around the infected area.

Step 2 is get some anti bacterial soap and wash your face with it, that will mostly guarantee all the bacterea are dead.

Third is avoid very sugary foods as they tend to cause acne in teenagers.
Fourth is make sure that your hair isn’t touching your forehead because if it causes that place to sweat you can bet you’ll have acne, for example I had acne on my back because of my backpack would make my back sweat.

And don’t waste your money on junk creams like proactive or Clearasil they cost 10 times as much as peroxide and are hardly as effective

Daniel asks…

How to get rid of acne scars overnight?


I have minor acne scars, and we have a party tomorrow. Is there a way to get rid of it overnight??


admin answers:

It depends on the bacteria which caused acne. You can really get rid of acne scars overnight, but you can supress them with powder. That is the easiest was. Use cream or powder.
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Joseph asks…

How to get rid of acne on my face?

Okay I have a lot of blemishes. My friend told me about this thing she put on her face and it took a lot of her acne away. I know it’s almost inpossible to do it overnight, but I want to know how to get rid of my acne SOON, and seriously, because it won’t.

admin answers:

My boyhood was far from easy. Even though I had poor health, no one seemed to notice for this was only one of the dreadful things that were happening around me. Most of the time my family and I were on the go because we constantly had to change homes and we almost never stopped. In addition to that, my grandfather was dying, and he was quite decrepit, too. Moreover, time spent at school was a disaster. I had such a severe form of acne then that no matter how much acne cleanser I used, it simply didn’t work. Even I found it hard to look at myself as my whole face was in ugly pimples and blotches. Ever since then I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of these awful acne scars.

Finding a way of removing such acne scars is often connected with much money and honestly, I cannot afford it. In high school I had such terrible acne – not only deep and rough but also untreatable, that my parents finally gathered some money for treatment but even the doctor couldn’t help me. Now my face looks a bit better but yet, there is no one who could give me any sound advice how I could get rid of my scars without having to pay a great deal of money for long-lasting complex procedures.

Laser resurfacing is doubtlessly one of the commonly accepted methods of removing acne scars. Though this procedure might seem fine and high tech, let’s not forget that it is quite frightening and really expensive, as well. This is to say that I am not rolling in money. I want to find a way of getting rid of acne scars but not by paying 3000 dollars for each procedure, I assume I’ll be needing quite a few. However, I am not able to find a solution. My last wish is to do the laser surfacing, though the other alternatives seem to be even worse and what’s more, I will need much more money for them.

I’ve heard that chemical peels are a good solution for acne problems. Thus, I recently bought one of these, which turned to be a cheap and a simple way of handling the situation.. This treatment had a positive effect on my skin generally but it was not the major effect I was looking for. Now I can still see the ugly pits in my skin that make my beautiful face less appealing, though my scars seem to look a bit shallower. The only way of fully resolving my problem might be peeling my skin off a dozen times but even if this is the only solution, I’m not sure I could take any of it as it is dangerous and unpleasant.

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